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If you often read biographies of women, most people will have an illusion, thinking that the world-renowned European and American writers are both crazy and stupid. You see, from Virginia Wolfe to Sylvia Plath, everyone's fate Many calamities, twisted characters, and paranoid love, but they are all talented, but it seems that women can only create great works that are shocking to the world if they have such a level of spirit.

In fact, when a person is bored or suffers to the extreme because he has lost his normal reason, writing, as a mental activity with the smallest scope of activities, often becomes the first choice - the so-called 'the so-called 'spiritual asylum', I am afraid that only such an explanation can show Get some scientific reasoning.

The Janet Freem in the film is indeed a little different. Contrary to her former sage, she is neither beautiful nor smart. She is bloated and clumsy, and has a head full of pumpkin-like red hair. Whether it is maverick or a bitter hatred with bitter cauliflower, Janet has nothing to do with it. Ordinary Janet grew up in conservative folklore, and like all those less-than-lovable children, he was always confronted with dogmatic and, if necessary, grotesque experiences. But there's no denying that Jennett has a talent for writing, and from her groundbreaking first poem, she's out of control. It is a pity that the specialty of writing has not brought her much respect and happiness, or even the equality and gentleness between people, not to mention the sense of superiority. When she was frequently ridiculed for her inappropriate actions, despised for her shyness and reservedness, and even when some maliciously thought she was mentally ill, in the context of a time when such a system could act as a mask for any cruelty, she He was finally diagnosed with schizophrenia and was sent to a mental hospital for electric shock treatment. And at that time Janet heard it for the first time almost at the same time, and someone praised: 'You have a talent for writing! ', what a gorgeous compliment! It's a pity, but like a slap in the face, a sarcasm, waiting for her will be a more bitter and hard life, and sometimes the psychological gap of heaven and hell.

Writers and poets are easy to produce from lunatics. Perhaps it is precisely because their spiritual will has undergone such a tragic and tragic experience that their language expression is more violent and extreme. Although more people turned into devils in the face of this infernal ordeal, Jennett bravely chose to be strong and persistent. You see, Janet, who has returned to a normal life in the future, looks like a clumsy girl on the outside, with a frightened expression and dull words, but her heart is purer and brighter than before.

It is said that life without love is always so imperfect, so, inevitably, Janet also met an ordinary poet. Like everyone's ordinary sweet love, their love is beautiful, beautiful scenery and lovers, sweet words and sweet words, and crazy gatherings between poets, and reciting a few emotional poems when making out, all of this is all. So dreamlike, unforgettable and intoxicating.

It is gratifying that this talented female writer is very normal when it comes to love, except that she is too happy to write, there is no incredible, inappropriate crazy thoughts and actions. Love, and when this love slowly passed away with the wind, she even got a child who was destined to not come to this world.

Janet can only devote herself to writing again, trying to sew up her own wounds that cannot be healed with an emotional pen, and looking for the value and happiness that belongs to herself in the author signatures of newspapers and books day after day. However, the long-lost pain still did not let her go. In order to fight back against the discriminatory eyes of those who were interested in her mental health history, she began to wander between proving that she was sick and not sick, and the final outcome was even more cruel. - She has never had a mental problem at all! Dabei was speechless, she could only silently write in her own article: 'Sometimes hearing the truth is more frightening than hearing the lie. '

After experiencing the joys and sorrows of an ordinary person, Janet has become more solemn and pure in writing. When the major newspapers and media publishers compete for her, she is still like a flattered child. She didn't know it yet, but she has since become the greatest poet in the whole of New Zealand and a woman writer of world renown. God has paved the way for her ultimate glory so long that darkness sometimes seems hopeless to others, or even impossible to reach the light.

After talking about the female writers created by the film, let's talk about the film's director, Jane Campion, the New Zealand female director, her name is as well-known as the character. The film is adapted from Janet's autobiography. There is no narcissism and exaggeration in the work. On the contrary, there is a simple simplicity. It is this style that particularly impressed Jane Campion. It's hard to imagine the love for geeks in "Piano Lesson" and the respect for mystery in "Nude Cut". Jane Campion, a female director with special preferences, can make such a documentary film in such a plain style. , there is no exaggeration, no sensationalism, no strangeness, no uniqueness, it is just this ordinary shaping of the ordinary life of a great writer.

The shooting angle of the film is also very admirable. Janet's great literary achievements are important, but her unbeautiful, insensitive, unsharp character, simple and ordinary life is more precious than many exaggerated adventures, ordinary Although it is not wonderful, it is as deep as the sea!

Finally, there is a poem by Janet at the end:

Poets who live in fantasy and fantasy are
actually aware of everything in the nebula.
When all these are completely handed over to the facts
, they become the universal truth of daily life.

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