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Dax 2022-09-17 11:22:20

Pasolini's most famous work, apart from the infamous "120 Days of Sodom", should be the "Trilogy of Life". "The Canterbury Tales" is the second part of the trilogy. Although it does not have the desperation and pervertedness of Sodom, it is also not much in terms of lewdness and ugliness. The movie chose seven stories from the original book to shoot, and behind the endless lust, it also vented the disclosure of ugly human nature. This is Pasolini, and his films never show any emotion, only nakedly exposing those things to the public, like a cold machine recording all this. However, this cold perspective can often lead to more shocking effects. The "Life Trilogy" is not very good. Until the later "120 Days of Sodom" appeared, the excitement it brought to the audience was really unprecedented.

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  • The Cook: Between a jest and a joke, many a truth can be told.

  • The Wife from Bath: There's nowhere in the Gospels that says we ought to stay virgins. Anyway, tell me, what were the genital organs made for at the creation? Not to lie dormant I suppose. And nobody's going to tell me they were just put there to piss through. Mark you, I use it for that as well. And every man must serve his wife in wedlock...