inextricable innocence

Garry 2022-10-06 08:35:30

Fear no more the heat o'the sun Nor the
furious winter's rages Her heart also meditated and trembled with her. I am ashamed in her naive love of literature, and indulge in her inextricable innocence. I also had a childhood like that, where I forced myself to be calm and inexplicably watched in cowardice, with tears in my eyes, unable to recover the death of a loved one. The words are like a pair of harmless palms, soothing the heart that is not familiar with the world. Everyone was once a newborn baby, groping the increasingly complex world with ignorant confusion. When the body is at a loss, when the candy confuses the clear innocence with sweetness. In the dangling life, this only support becomes precious, one's utopia, one's dream of freedom, carrying the wings of books, tying the light of poetry, looking for a bright exit in the increasingly lonely darkness . Different curly hair, stolen ham crumbs, hidden candy papers, silent cemeteries, countless aspirin pills, free in a mental hospital, when the 200th electric shock is over, the lucid Eyes are still clear. After years, like rebirth, no one can forget the past, and it is this profound past that makes our life so meaningful. What makes you believe in the greatness of innocence, what makes you hold on to beautiful phantoms, what makes you restrained and playful, what makes you lonely and sexy. Constantly walking and writing, meditating in a small room, having sex with a man who eventually leaves.

In the bleak autumn wind, you are as thin as a dead leaf that may leave at any time.
But all of this seems to be just a passing episode,
you are always you, no matter the past or the present, always walking, exploring your own past.

This woman deeply touched me with her transparent purity and innocence . Is
there one thing in your life that can comfort and warm
? Great strength,
going through hardships, never changing.
This is not the madness of a poet, this is not the stubbornness of a woman,
this is a lovely person who is fighting for her happiness with her life.

PS: The love of love with the poet - he will say when he is getting better and better: "Please let me recite a poem for you, *****, do you like it?"

Hahaha! This film has a lot of small nifty clips!

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