girl who is menstruating

Ashley 2022-09-11 18:42:05

1. Peeping and Desire
appeared several times in the film. Janet peeped at the outside world through her sister's palm, peeped at her sister's affair behind stones and trees, looked at the body of the male teacher lying on the table, and peeped at children in a foreign hut Playing... She instinctively perceives women's physical experience, homesickness, and love for a teacher.
2. Writing stems from low self-esteem
When I was a child, I publicly admitted that I stole my father's money, but I couldn't look up in front of my classmates. There are not too many other children whispering in this shot, just following Janet standing in front of the tall, powerful teacher (the high angle shot, the use of very exaggerated, exaggerated Janet's fear), bite the bullet and lie, and then alone Punished standing on the podium amid the entertainment cheers of other students who ate the gum they bought. The teacher pushes the child to the hell of inferiority with a tough stance.
3. In the publicity film of real women on the screen,
the appearance of the heroine Janet is not so beautiful from childhood to adulthood. The other women's looks are also normal. Presenting real women on the screen, starting from Varda's short film about what real women look like (can't remember the exact name), female filmmakers want to show through non-desired, non-sexy women On the screen, the real life experience of women is expressed.
Menstruation, sex, abortion... These factors that affect the image of a woman's lady and sexual life are the life experience of real women. Pain, desire and union constitute the elements of female growth.

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