Chaucer's background is the most important key

Charley 2022-10-02 20:55:03

Based on the ancient English writings of Chaucer. As a visual animal, we must admit the desire to watch movies that was initially triggered by the director's Italian vision as always. The eight scattered narratives do not have much connection, and it is vaguely felt that there should be a deeper core... Turning the clock back to the Middle Ages under the rule of the church, the repression of sex/porn/eroticism/love and the awakening of lies, compared to the developed time at that time The much more Chinese way of rites is undoubtedly more pioneering and valuable, and it is the front station that leads the society to the Renaissance and enlightenment. Isn't the storytelling and sarcastic expression of this awakening more impactful than the eulogizing revival of Florence a hundred years later?

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  • Molly: [singing] Oh, there was a little beggar man that goes from town to town, and wherever he get a job and work he's willing to sit down. With his bundle on his shoulder, his stick was in his hand and it's down the country I shall go with me roving journeyman. And from the County Carlow the girls all jump for joy. Says one unto the other "now here comes a Dublin boy." And they wanted me to marry her and took me by the hand. She went home and told her mother that she loves the journeyman.

  • Angel: Hey Satan! Lift up your tail and show us where you keep the friars in hell!