About the title Let them eat cake

Malvina 2022-07-12 18:47:20

Of course, I'm not sure about the specifics. I checked it, and it seems to be from Queen Mary during the French Revolution

On the eve of the French Revolution, many poor people in Paris were dying. The solution proposed by Queen Marie Antoinete is: the people have no bread, but let them eat cake! Of course, this story is not necessarily true, it is likely to be fabricated by the revolutionaries, the intention is to Destroy the reputation of the royal family and ridicule the royal family for not knowing the suffering of the people. After the revolution broke out, Marie Antoine was sent to the guillotine.

Now, people will use the idiom Let them eat cake to say "look at people's hardships with a frivolous attitude" or "I don't care about those people's affairs"

the cake eaters should be the little people in the movie who live in quiet and relatively backward areas

Of course, how to understand it depends on your own understanding of the movie .

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