It just began.

Bernhard 2022-07-12 11:43:07

It's another good work that is a masterpiece as well as the OST. Kristen is very suitable for young literary and artistic young people, and naturally shows the appeal. The girl with open arms in the back seat of the locomotive, flying in her own little happiness. That begin made me addicted to the single loop again. again and again.

Hey, maybe the time
just wasn't right to hang on
When are you gonna learn
Things sometimes turn instead of turn out

Hey, when are you gonna stand
Stop looking over your shoulder
Me, with a head full of words
And not one useful expression
Hey, let go

We, with holes in our hearts
Were whole at the start
Our story began
We film ourselves 'til the end
Try to suspend our lives in the dark

Hey, when are you gonna stand
Stop looking over your shoulder
See, there's a sun in the sky
And a moon that will take us til morning
When are you gonna stand
Stop and begin this moment
Hey, let go
Let go (will we be the ones to understand?)...

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The Cake Eaters quotes

  • Georgia: Nice to meet you.

    Beagle: Yeah, um, I've seen you around. You go to my school.

    Georgia: You go to Lincoln?

    Beagle: No, no I work there in the cafeteria. I make your lunch.

    Georgia: If you want to call it lunch.

    Beagle: Yeah, well, school food gets a bad rep I guess.

  • Beagle: So what's wrong with you anyway?

    Georgia: I have Frederick's Ataxia. It's a neuromuscular disease.

    Beagle: Is that why you talk kind of like you're drunk?

    Georgia: I do?

    Beagle: I mean, um, you, it, just slurred a little...

    Georgia: No, I get it all the time

    Beagle: I just didn't know. I didn't know anything about it. I didn't mean to offend you

    Georgia: No, you didn't. It's a genetic disorder of some kind.

    Beagle: Are you gonna get better?

    Georgia: No, this is pretty much as good as it's gonna get until my heart gives out. I don't know when that's going to be.