war without heroes

Adolf 2022-07-08 21:03:59

TG's active duty soldiers may not agree, but for us viewers, war is something else entirely - for example, in the war movies we are familiar with, there are spears and guns on one side, warriors screaming, and blue Celtic pounces on calm. On the other side, artillery fire roared, the forest was raining at night, and the big boy with the M-16 collapsed in the foxhole and neighed desperately until he lost his voice. In that world, technological progress always seemed to be accompanied by a shrinking courage: when face-to-face combat was replaced by firearms with ever-increasing range and precision, the smoke from muskets cleared, and the soldiers who were still standing could only rejoice that they had just fallen. not yourself. After the guns that relied on strict discipline in the Napoleonic era were abolished due to more advanced weapons and tactics, writers and artists began to look at the shadows of the First World War and the Vietnam War. These shadows seemed to appear out of thin air, and no one questioned the necessity and justice of those wars. The fact that the U.S. military, whose war machine was several generations more advanced than the Iraqis, walked through the city of Baghdad turned out to be a nightmare repeatedly portrayed in contemporary movies.
The Battle of Horgen Forest took place during World War II, and our textbooks define it as a just war. It is the righteous people who have been violated through hard work and finally destroying the evil to achieve the final victory. "Band of Brothers" and "Liberation" were widely publicized by both sides of the Cold War - but there are still negative voices, "Catch-22 Military Regulations" hardly A serious sentence makes people laugh with chills; He Gen inherits the tradition of fighting in trenches during World War I, and uses reincarnation to describe the absurd. The key to victory is not to destroy the enemy as much as possible, but to survive as much as possible. Survivors who hate fighting become veterans and become the core of the team, but he still has to work hard on the real battlefield - to execute some senior officers who can only be alive in front of the map sand table. Whimsical order. The price of execution is death, the death of ordinary soldiers, and this loss is a price that can be expected and willing to bear in honor - we watch some TG movies, the Demoman with the explosive bag in his hand falls in the hail of bullets, and the commander slaps his thigh. Go up to another group of people; the battalion-company-level cadres yelled at the phone at the command post, saying that if Lao Tzu couldn’t hold back, and then the team would be lost—as if the loss was a property or props that could be replenished after the war, rather than living human life.
The living will die, the warriors of ancient times died in the rain of swords and arrows, the warriors of today are killed by the fire of bullets. It seems that the Spartans never felt guilty about war, Rome burned Carthage to the delight, and the Crusaders' holy war was saving their own souls and the souls of all Christians - at least that's what they thought when they went. The mercenaries in Switzerland and Germany lived a life of licking blood with knives. We should understand them as industrial workers rather than professional soldiers - the head of the enemy is the object of labor, and chopping is labor. They aim to support their families, and their food sex is also . But we are modern people, and we have escaped the years of leading beasts and cannibals to fight and die. No matter what the reason is to sacrifice millions of people to create an art of war, it is no less than one of the greatest sins, and the result is nothing more than The chief smugly wrote his memoirs, while some slightly enlightened soldiers harvested mutilated bodies, rotting in some unknown corner.

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