Georgia's long hair

Abelardo 2022-09-30 07:50:41

Georgia's long, thick hair reminds me of Fangfang. But KRIS has her own beauty, really, she's beautiful here.
Thrilling thing, her long hair is gone. I'm a little frustrated, I prefer to see her long hair, I'm more worried because this BEAGLE doesn't like her. But dear BEAGLE, you are such a good person, he likes her new hairstyle...
Thank you BEAGLE, like her short hair; thank you BEAGLE, go around in the night, come back to her; thank you BEAGLE, when she wears it Clothes turned away...
Thank you BEAGLE, for a new definition of love.

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The Cake Eaters quotes

  • Easy: I don't think they're teaching manners anymore at the schools.

    Marg: I guess not.

    Easy: So how's business?

    Marg: Pretty slow. What are you doing here Easy?

    Easy: Getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore.

    Marg: Georgia, you must know Mr. Kimbrough, he's the butcher.

    Georgia: I'm a vegetarian.

    Easy: We like that.

    Marg: This is my granddaughter, Georgia.

    Easy: Granddaughter indeed. And the hoverer, my son Dwight and with his permission you can call him Beagle.

  • Georgia: Nice to meet you.

    Beagle: Yeah, um, I've seen you around. You go to my school.

    Georgia: You go to Lincoln?

    Beagle: No, no I work there in the cafeteria. I make your lunch.

    Georgia: If you want to call it lunch.

    Beagle: Yeah, well, school food gets a bad rep I guess.