as sweet as you make it...

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In Yi Shu's "Hua Jieyu", the heroine Jie Yu tells the story of the blind man and the crippled man who is inferior to the hero because of his disability. . .
We are all mutilated or visible or invisible

bealga this little man his mother takes care of his elderly father before his death the family star, his elder brother, was out there somgwhere in the big city, chasing the dream as a musician... Slight criticism, who wouldn't? . . . He didn't do anything well, that's because of course
his father had another lover and it lasted for several years. . .

But even so, they are not bad people. Yi Shu said that the biggest frustration of adults is that they don't know how to hate anyone and everyone is so reluctant. . .

Brother - that's his dream, even if it turns out to be empty, you can't say: Hey, what a fool to pursue a dream! Those who become famous because of their dreams have taken advantage of the right time, place and people, but they can't find it. But how can you tell young people: Forget ten bets and nine loses. . .

Father - so loved that person outside and didn't leave bealga's mother is an old love and morality, and he didn't leave her until she died

Georgia's mother - it was a nightmare for a teenage child. When he saw his daughter's boyfriend, he immediately Score the net worth. . . Yes, such a vulgar mother. . . However, when she brought her daughter who was suffering from a serious illness by her side, she never left, and when she broke down, she was afraid that her daughter would be hurt, and that she was afraid that she was not doing well enough. . .

Who do you hate? A hug, a meal, and a toast kills the grudge - of course you have the right

to choose the horns but Life can be as sweet as you make it... It's all in your mind

Fragmented, so we are a couple, a family that can support each other, warmth, silence, simple and beautiful little happiness is already very good

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  • Easy: I don't think they're teaching manners anymore at the schools.

    Marg: I guess not.

    Easy: So how's business?

    Marg: Pretty slow. What are you doing here Easy?

    Easy: Getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore.

    Marg: Georgia, you must know Mr. Kimbrough, he's the butcher.

    Georgia: I'm a vegetarian.

    Easy: We like that.

    Marg: This is my granddaughter, Georgia.

    Easy: Granddaughter indeed. And the hoverer, my son Dwight and with his permission you can call him Beagle.

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