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Director Mary Stuart Masterson tells the story of this warm little American town with the cool breeze of early summer. In this strange farm town, there lives such a family. Easy, the head of the family and a butcher, is grieving for his wife who died of cancer not long ago, but he still cares about his underground lover for many years. Beagle (played by Alan Stanford) is Easy's youngest son, who has been taking care of his sick mother and working in the school cafeteria during the day, so he can only vent his enthusiasm through street graffiti. Easy's eldest son Guy has been away from home for many years, and went to New York to pursue his rock and roll dream. He didn't return home until he heard the news of his mother's death, but he was too late to attend the funeral. Beagle loves Georgia Kaminski (played by Kristen Stewart), a girl with genetic ataxia, and Georgia has always wanted to experience love while there is still a chance; at this time, Beagle finds Georgia's eccentric grandmother. It turned out to be the object of Easy's long-term affair, and Guy even discovered that his high school sweetheart Stephanie had already gone through a relationship and was married and had children. The storyline isn't twisty and bizarre, it just revolves around two families. Everything seemed plain and real. There seems to be no intersection between the three short stories, developing in parallel. What attracted me the most was that Beagle liked this part of Georgia. The mutual attraction between young people is understandable. But precisely because Georgia is a girl with genetic ataxia, and Beagle himself is just a young man working in the school cafeteria. This makes the story subtle and flavorful. Georgia seldom goes out due to her genetic ataxia, and has few opportunities to meet the opposite sex. By chance, the two met at a rural flea market. Their conversation was sincere and unconcealed as Beagle helped her walk. Georgia said that if you don't want to, you don't need to help me. But Beagle showed genuine enthusiasm for her. The help of this simple young man made her fall in love. Here, I would like to say that Beagle is not only a warm and sincere young man, but also a kind heart. He had already felt a strong sense of self-esteem from Georgia, and at the same time he was attracted by the beautiful and innocent girl in front of him. In this attraction, there is the element of being seduced by the beauty of the girl, the element of simple sympathy for the girl's encounter, and the element of love for the girl's innocence. So, the story can go on. On weekends, Beagle went to Georgia's house to help her with her homework. At that moment, the close face-to-face contact attracted each other's hidden hearts. Finally, it was a matter of course, and we made an appointment to go to the hotel to open the room the next day. Georgia felt like she was running out of time and wanted to dedicate her first virginity to him in the hotel. Georgia has been plagued by illness all her life, and her life is boring, without the joy and novelty that other 15-year-old girls can enjoy. When Beagle broke into her life, she felt that this kind boy was a kind of consolation. She took the initiative to make out to him, and even encouraged him to ML with her on the third day of knowing each other. In the process, you felt uncomfortable. To frivolous, but heavy. Because it was a girl who tried her best to seize freedom and love when she felt that life and even life could not be grasped, and tried her best to enjoy the beauty that youth should give her. And in the hotel, when Beagle rejected her at first, Georgia had almost no expression on her face, no crying, no hysteria, but she could feel a kind of desolation that permeated the air. It just made me want to cry. If I hadn't seen "Twilight" before, I would even wonder if Stewart was really unhealthy. Her performance reminded me of the mentally handicapped child played by DiCaprio in A Different Sky. Their interpretations of the disabled show extraordinary talent. Stewart was only sixteen or seventeen years old when she appeared in this movie, and not to mention the amazing physical performance, from a psychological point of view, she also grasped such a complex character very well. When Beagle found out that his father had an affair with Georgia's grandmother, he had a big fight with his father. When his brother Guy came to persuade him, Beagle unreasonably directed his anger to his brother. In fact, there are very complex emotions in it. One was angry at his father's betrayal of his mother, the other was angry at his brother's abandonment of the family and ran away, and the most angry was that his father's behavior had threatened his relationship with Georgia because it was unethical and it was the most veiled feelings. Alan Stein did a great job. The most classic is the scene on the poster: Beagle is riding a motorcycle to take her to the hotel, and she is trying to look up at the sky with her arms outstretched. It would be nice if life was always this easy. The other two short stories are equally intriguing as episodes. Guy returned to his hometown with deep remorse. I didn't realize my rock and roll dream in New York. Like many underappreciated dreamers, I returned to my hometown. I wanted to restore the heart of my high school lover, but everything has become a thing of the past. In front of his mother's cemetery, he lost his soul and repented one night. When he woke up, a stray cat was lying on top of him, warming each other, which further highlighted his loneliness. While Georgia's mother was looking for her daughter, Georgia's grandmother and Beagle's father Easy had already found the hotel, but they did not go to the hotel, but they still recalled the situation when they were young, so they expressed fully understood. When the sun rose the next day, they cuddled tightly together. Such a picture made people feel very warm. This scene is also the most moving part of the film. After watching the whole movie, I have an almost painful understanding of youth and love. For the title of the film "The Cake Eater", I may not be able to take it literally. Maybe it just wants to tell us a truth or a choice of life, so that life becomes like a delicious cake, more sweet, less bitter and sad. As the poster says:

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  • Easy: I don't think they're teaching manners anymore at the schools.

    Marg: I guess not.

    Easy: So how's business?

    Marg: Pretty slow. What are you doing here Easy?

    Easy: Getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore.

    Marg: Georgia, you must know Mr. Kimbrough, he's the butcher.

    Georgia: I'm a vegetarian.

    Easy: We like that.

    Marg: This is my granddaughter, Georgia.

    Easy: Granddaughter indeed. And the hoverer, my son Dwight and with his permission you can call him Beagle.

  • Georgia: Nice to meet you.

    Beagle: Yeah, um, I've seen you around. You go to my school.

    Georgia: You go to Lincoln?

    Beagle: No, no I work there in the cafeteria. I make your lunch.

    Georgia: If you want to call it lunch.

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