Bread and Cake

Eino 2022-11-23 22:07:45

Chinese people are most accustomed to watching feature films with clear plots and straightforward narratives. And those feature films with less clear plots and less straightforward narratives

are often classified as high-IQ movies.

In addition to these two types of movies, there are actually many different narrative styles in movies.
For example, this cake eater. For example, nowhere for the old, one by one.
I classify them as emotional intelligence films. Don't win with the plot, but with the details.
My roommate, Lao Gao, is the type of classmate who is only suitable for melodrama. I can guess the expression on his face after watching this film, his face is surprised, "I don't know what it's talking about, it's a bad film."

People who eat cakes, at first glance at the title, thought it was related to food, but after reading it, they realized that it was related to the yarn of the cake. relationship no. Turns out there is a story here.
Quoting the story
"On the eve of the French Revolution, many of the poor in Paris were devastated. The solution proposed by Queen Marie Antoinete was: Let them eat cake!"

, which is very similar to "Why not eat minced meat" by Emperor Hui of Jin in China. The ruling class that reacts to "all evils" does not know the suffering of the working people.
It would not be bad if it was called "The Meat Eater" in the name of a Chinese film.

Don't be misled by me, this movie is not about the suffering of the working people. It's not so much. There is

a lot of bitterness and deep hatred.
We Chinese will take it for granted, and then discuss the issue of unfair division of the cake.

This movie doesn't think so. It really tells the story of people who can't eat bread but want to eat cake. Speaking of which, what exactly is the metaphor of eating cake in the movie title


I think cake eaters are those who pursue things they shouldn't.
For example, migrant workers who only get the minimum wage a month, but carry thousands of dollars in mobile phones; for example, they have to borrow money for the down payment, and those whose monthly payment exceeds 40% of their income are white-collar workers who buy a house
; Can't get enough to eat, still insisting on the ideal wandering singer...

I'm not saying that they are doing it right or wrong, everyone lives their own life, and they have to be responsible for their own choices, worth it or not, Judge for yourself.

Life is full of choices. When making these choices, there will always be a worldly eye looking at you, saying, it is safer to go east, it is dangerous to go west, bread is more realistic, and

cake too extravagant. Just like the father, the eldest son, and the youngest son in the movie.
The father should not cheat, and the eldest son should not abandon his family and girlfriend years ago and leave the town to pursue his so-called musical dream. Younger sons shouldn't date an underage girl with a genetic condition that only has a decade or so to live.
But they chose the path they liked, a dangerous path.
The joy and pain in it, I think everyone will feel deja vu.
It's like that afternoon when I secretly played the game console, like the mp3 I bought with my savings, like that love relationship that my family doesn't support... That's

why this movie makes me feel so warm.

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