"Secret Manuscript"

Nat 2022-09-19 18:18:06

I watched the recommended movie "Secret Manuscript" from Douyin. 1. The heroine's temperament and dress are outstanding, just like my aunt said to her, "You don't know that you have a fatal attraction to men". 2. Love is the attraction between a man and a woman, like a magnetic field. Although the first time together may be short, but the moment is eternal. 3. A beautiful woman may be a tragedy. To a certain extent, the fate of an ugly woman is easier to avoid twists and turns. 4. Feelings that cannot be obtained are forced, because love and hate are too terrible, just like "The Count of Monte Cristo" is like the priest in this play. 5. A woman was imprisoned in a mental hospital for 50 years. After being electrocuted, learning that her lover was murdered, and even framed the murder of her newborn son, she still wrote secret manuscripts and maintained her spiritual independence.

In the end, I have to say that the heroine is really beautiful, and the beauty lies in the dress, and even more in the temperament.

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The Secret Scripture quotes

  • Lady Rose: I committed my memories to the Book of Rose, my secret scripture.

  • Lady Rose: Anything you see with love is the truth.