Erase love, but can't erase love

Bernadette 2022-09-19 18:30:37

She easily pulled me into this story, and those eyes that were still very attractive even in her old age, and being the charm of the town at her most beautiful age, also caused her troubles. At the moment when she met beautiful love, the gate of hell opened, trying to incorporate her strong and pure soul. I was shocked by her strength. In the long years of 50 years, relying on the belief that "the son will come back to pick me up", she has endured all death and sorrow. I love the happy ending of the movie very much, but the more I love it, the more scared I get. If Mr. Green doesn't come, if the child is really dead...I can't imagine it. The color matching of the Irish houses, the nuns' costumes and hats, and the more beautiful color matching of the coats and skirts, the color tone of the picture is a bit cool, but it is not worth the harmony of many colors. The picture style of the film is not only very close to the heroine's style, but also close to the sad and hopeful plot of the story. The way of telling the story in flashbacks makes people feel hopeless and think of the hope brought by Dr. Green and the nurses, instead of completely despairing. Originally, I thought that making Mr. Green as her child and the end of the story seemed abrupt, but Green also asked questions and made an infinitely imaginative explanation, which made the story more full.

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