The worst major

Robb 2022-07-08 20:20:11

After watching this movie, in addition to being sad, I was so angry, because the countless casualties of the protagonist's company were completely caused by this idiot's inaction. Including the retreat of the protagonist at the beginning, this guy launched a total of 4 charges, and there was no instruction except for the death order. Well, Wang Defa, I know that the US battalion commander had a tradition of not participating in the battle during World War II, but he was so unclear about the battlefield situation. It's the first time I've seen a Huang Xiaoming-style chicken bar leader who is still full of authority, compared to Major Winters of the Brotherhood... Forget it, why is the difference between the same airborne divisions so big... ....

Next, let’s talk about the protagonist. The theme of the whole movie is difficult choices. The protagonist will do anything to survive for himself and his team, leaving his comrades in arms, letting recruits gain experience from the enemy, executing deserters, etc. Can we blame these behaviors? It's hard, what if the captain encouraged the protagonist to become a death squad and burn 88 guns? The ubiquitous and difficult choices in war are the cornerstone of final victory, and every success will die. Until the end, the protagonist still took a bit of luck and volunteered to complete the suicide mission of raiding the tank. Well, a 4-person team brought 2 rocket launchers to destroy 3 IV tanks and an infantry squad. It is simply a hero with a modifier... .... What puzzles me is why the battalion headquarters for night raids wouldn't agree? wtf? Well, the ending is that the best soldier in the company died in order to survive, and won a medal for this stupid major (it didn't appear in the movie, but this medal will definitely be issued, because there are too many casualties, it must be commended) in my heart It's not a taste

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