are there two versions

Dane 2022-10-25 13:15:41

Is there two versions of this movie? The male and female protagonists are in the XXOO section. First, the goddess and the female appear, and then the male protagonist spit silver threads in the female protagonist's mouth, and then disappeared. There seems to be another version where the goddess is pressed down and keeps saying: I can't, I can't. Apart from looking at the naked goddess, there is really nothing else to see. I haven't been able to find the resource before, but now I see there are many high-definition versions, but they are all without subtitles

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Waking the Dead quotes

  • Sarah Williams: Our lives have taken us so far apart now. It seems wrong to think we belong together.

    Fielding Pierce: But I think it.

    Sarah Williams: I do too. I think I know why.

    Fielding Pierce: Why?

    Sarah Williams: Because it's what we want. But... so few people get what they want. And the ones they do aren't really the lucky ones anyway.

    Fielding Pierce: They're not? Who are?

    Sarah Williams: The ones that do what they are meant to.

  • Sarah Williams: Sarah Williams: I thought wanting you was going to go away. They told me it was going to go away.