Sandy 2022-07-18 18:53:54

It may be my problem that I came to Xiaok, but I didn't feel substituting when I looked at K, but I ate this face hahahahahahahahaha Xiaok's own resources are very good The face of a superstar Because of this character's problem, I don't really like this seberg's style, maybe it's me I think her husband is also a very good man and can accompany her. When she knew that her daughter was not a child of that black man, she said she would sue, so Seberg, who is quite a man, has always funded the black cause for me. I admire being watched to the point of collapse, which makes me feel very distressed. I don't know the historical background or what is written in the movie's introduction. I went straight to K to watch it. After watching it, the overall plot made me feel that I couldn't find the point. If you are making a biographical film, you still have to focus a little on the whole line and pull down the whole line. In the end, the mood of watching the film will become dull. You can't find the point. The good biographical film that you have watched before will make people reminisce about history, human nature and this character. Infinite but I think this movie has a single character and a single plot

If seberg is really a great woman then this movie really doesn't make me feel that way

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  • Jean Seberg: This country is at war with itself.

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