bourgeois liberalization

Mandy 2022-07-18 23:42:14

The heroine of this film will only go around with men casually, and support the anti-government street parties. Later, she came and went, and she became a big head. In the end, she died at the age of 40. I think what happened to her is her own fault, beg for mercy There is nothing wrong with benevolence, if there are more people like her, society will definitely be in chaos, these ideas have nothing to promote, the liberalization of the dead bourgeoisie, these movies and characters have nothing to do! This heroine can't make such a movie now, it's really worth losing her value, the more she makes it, the more cheap she is.

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  • Jean Seberg: This country is at war with itself.

  • Hakim Jamal: One mind at a time.If you can change one mind,you can change the world.Education creates understanding.Understanding creates love,love creates patience,and patience creates unity.But education costs money.