Wake up in death: Romeo and Juliet, political disagreements

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"Waking the Dead" is a love movie.

A Romeo and Juliet story,

Juliet is played by Jennifer Connelly, and many people buy pirated discs for her nude scenes in this film.

Romeo is played by Billy Crudup, who in the movie is a 20-year-old who aspires to be president.

The love between the two of them is boring and routine, but it is very eye-catching.

They have political disagreements.

Juliet followed the route of intervention by the Virgin, without rubbing the sand in her eyes, and could not tolerate the slightest "injustice", even if the "injustice" was not in her native United States, but in Chile in South America.

Romeo is taking the path of reforming democracy. He firmly believes that the United States is already the closest existence to heaven in the world (Fact). As long as a good president is elected, a good president who truly cares about ordinary people, Just like me, all current problems will be improved.

Romeo and Juliet have political disagreements.

Two people alone together, Fine.

Two people in each other's circle of friends, both are Enemy.

Love struggles in the conflict of political opinions, blooming a kind of pleasure of switching between hell and heaven at any time.

The film is only one-tenth of the film, and it is not recommended to watch.

English original, is 100%.

Similar stories that are more worthy of reading by Chinese readers are four other Chinese novels:

1. "Nova" 1984

2. "Night and Day" 1986

3. "Decline and Glory" 1987

4. "The Year of the Dragon Archives" 2002

Their authors are all Ke Yunlu,

A writer trying to influence contemporary politics with fiction.

After the "Nova" TV series aired in 1986, it had a huge impact.

Actor Zhou Lijing, who starred in Guling County Party Secretary Li Xiangnan, was misunderstood by people all over the country who didn't know the truth, and regarded him as a real powerful and powerful cadre in Beijing. He kept writing to him, telling an actor that they were working difficulties and problems encountered.

This scene also has the same performance in the American movie "Awakening in Death".

Romeo, who has already succeeded in his campaign, opened voter letters one by one in his congressman's office next to the White House in Washington, New York.

The director, dreamily, let the voters who wrote the letter stand in front of Romeo and tell his own request, Please, Help, Please.

The plot of "Master Qingtian fell from the sky" is the most direct, happy and immediate way to solve their own problems that ordinary people can think of.

American voters feel the same way.

American writers do the same.


1. Waking the Dead (2000), the American movie Waking the Dead (2000), author of the original novel: Scott Spencer.

2. TV series, 12 episodes, Rising Star (1986)

3. TV series, 26 episodes, "The Year of the Dragon" (2003)

4. The original novels, "New Star", "Night and Day", "Decline and Glory", "Dragon Year Archives", author: Ke Yunlu.

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