The lucky few

Harmony 2022-10-25 16:57:02

Two people who have different political opinions but love each other, many years after the heroine's death, the hero will still chase her phantom on the street in despair. The story may not be the most important, but the performance of the two is infectious.

I really like three of the lines.

One is that the heroine said to the hero, you have to love the real me.

Sarah Williams: You have to love me too. Not an image, not an idea. And not in spite of who I am.

A segment is that the hero fantasizes that she is still alive and receives a call from her saying:

"I miss you every day. I wrote your name on a note, pin it on the carpet. Every day I wonder if I should go to you."
Everyday I have to decide wether I should call you. I tried to bring you to me. Put your name on a little piece of paper and I pinned it to my blanket. I couldn't stay where I was, Fielding. I wanted to so badly, but I couldn't stay that person.
I don't think you're going to like me anymore.
Oh honey, I will always love you.

There is also a passage where, at the end, the hero realizes his political dream, and in the office, he fantasizes that the heroine knocks on his door.

"Our lives have separated us so far that it seems like a mistake to think we belong to each other."
"But I still think so."
"Me too. I think I know why."
"Because that's what we want. But very few people get what they want, and they're not necessarily lucky."
"So who's the lucky one?"
"Those who go to fulfill the destiny."

English original

Sarah Williams: Our lives have taken us so far apart now. It seems wrong to think we belong together.
Fielding Pierce: But I think it.
Sarah Williams: I do too. I think I know why.
Fielding Pierce: Why?
Sarah Williams: Because it's what we want. But... so few people get what they want. And the ones they do aren't really the lucky ones anyway.
Fielding Pierce: They're not? Who are?
Sarah Williams: The ones that do what they are meant to.

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  • Sarah Williams: It is so infuriating loving you sometimes!

    Fielding Pierce: Well, the feeling's mutual.

  • Fielding Pierce: Uh, I'm sorry, but do you believe that I'm going into politics so I can become a corrupt son of a bitch who sells electrodes to the Chilean secret police?