"How does love pass away, how do you walk up the mountains, and how do you hide your face among the stars~"

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When listening to the white-haired Ross in the movie telling about his love and hate past, people can't help but think of Yeats's poem "When You Are Old". In reality, Yeats did not get the love of the person he loved. , and Ross in the movie once got his beloved Mike, but he was tortured by this love. When he was old, he still waited with faith in love, "How does love die, how does it walk up the mountains, How can you hide your face among the stars~”

If you want to understand the film, you have to mention the historical entanglement between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Before the sixteenth century, the Christian Church ruled the whole of Europe. With the continuous development of the capitalist economy and the influence of the Renaissance, the society continued to seek to break the spiritual shackles of Catholicism, and the religious reform came into being. After the Reformation, Ireland still adhered to Catholicism, while most of the United Kingdom believed in Protestantism, which is what we now call Christianity. As the British capital economy continued to grow, British Protestants invaded Ireland and persecuted Irish Catholics. Since then, the seeds of mutual hatred between the two peoples have been planted. Until 1922, after the War of Independence, the Irish Free State was established, but it still belonged to the Commonwealth of Nations. Based on this historical origin, in 1941-1942, when the story of the film took place, the Irish were still full of hatred for the British.

In 1941, Belfast, Northern Ireland, which belonged to the United Kingdom, was affected by World War II. Ross lost his job and had to return to his hometown in the Republic of Ireland to go to his only relative and aunt. The story starts from here. The director puts many shots in the cold background of autumn and winter. Coupled with the performance of the sea and sky shots, it conveys a very lonely and special feeling. Rose should have accepted Protestant ideas, so she would go swimming in the "sea not open to women", not afraid to look straight into the eyes of strange men, and even fell in love with Mike, an Englishman.

For this reason, she was instructed by the townspeople, and her aunt had to send her away to live alone in a hut in the woods. She is so fearless that many men are fascinated by her, and even the priests of the Catholic Church are attracted by her unique temperament. You know, Catholic priests are not allowed to have secular feelings between men and women, and marriage is not allowed.

And she only had a soft spot for Mike, a gentleman. When he first met Mike, he had to leave to join the army. When he left, he only said, "Look at the sky when you miss me." Later on the beach, seeing fighter planes circling in the air, Rose knew that was Mike's promise to come back to see her. At that time, love took root in the hearts of two people.

At goodbye, Mike's mission failed, the plane crashed, Mike was hanged from a tree, and Ross rescued him desperately. In the short time together, the love gradually grew, and finally Mike proposed to marry them. They got married under the witness of the pastor, and they were very loving. It is worth mentioning that the priest is a Catholic teaching position, and the priest is the holy product of Protestant Christianity. In the eyes of the Catholic Irish, the marriage under the witness of the priest is not recognized. This also left hidden dangers for the tragedy of the fate of the two.

The priest learned of Ross and Mike's love, reported Mike, and sent Ross to a mental hospital. The priest did this, on the one hand, out of jealousy, on the other hand, it actually protected Ross. If Ross, who was known by the church to be of pure Irish blood, married Englishman Mike, Ross would surely die. If you are sent to a mental hospital, you can at least guarantee basic life safety, and then you can find a way to get out of the mental hospital. What he didn't expect was that Rose was pregnant with Mike's child. Subsequently, Ross was transferred to the church. When she learned that the children born here would either stay and suffer, or be sent away, or their whereabouts were unknown, she found an opportunity to flee and was chased to the sea, regardless of the danger, jumped into the sea and swam desperately, and finally in two At the intersection of the reefs, he went ashore and gave birth to his own child. The cry of the child exposed her, and when she tried to cut the umbilical cord with a stone, the chasers thought she was going to kill her child. The priest jumped out of the boat first and carried the child away in the dark. In order not to let people trace the whereabouts of the child, the priest claimed that Ross killed his own child and drowned the child in the sea.

Ross, who returned to the mental hospital, learned that Mike was shot and killed, and everyone said that she killed her own child. She was in great pain. The doctor of the mental hospital brutally used electric shocks to make her forget the past, but she always believed that her child was still alive. , wrote down her own experiences in the bible, and prayed day and night for the child to come and take her home.

More than 40 years later, when the mental hospital was facing demolition, the stubborn Rose still refused to leave, waiting for her son to pick her up. She occasionally went to the end of the corridor to play "Moonlight Sonata", which she had promised to play to Mike.

Dr. Greiner accepts the job of re-evaluating the patient's condition and persuading him to leave. Ross finally tells the dusty past, and Dr. Greiner discovers that Roshan is his biological mother. At the end of the film, Ross got his wish, and when his son came to pick him up, his life was compensated and fulfilled in another way.

When Ross and his son were walking along the beach, the romantic time they spent with husband Mike came to mind, the plane hovering in the air, the heartfelt exchange in the cabin, the hugs and dances, the joy of marriage, and the fun at the beach... Although more than 40 years Come, she was devastated and tortured physically and mentally, but in her heart, she never forgot her love with Mike and never gave up waiting for her son. She is fragile, unable to fight back in the face of the church and the world; she is also strong, living bravely with faith in the long torment. Her hair is as gray as her, and her love has never passed away. Her love has already surpassed the mountains, and it is still the most shining among the stars~

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