Brutal War and Survival Humanity

Earl 2022-10-24 06:54:53

A shocking war movie, the cruel description of war is inexhaustible, and the instinct to survive seems so humble and shameful. There are no natural heroes in war, only forced to survive. This should be regarded as a blockbuster criticizing realism. Life is so fragile and helpless, whether it is an enemy or a superior, it will kill you at any time. A truth of war stripped of its sacred veneer turns out to be so sinful and horrific. There is another puzzle: what is the eighth regulation that is exchanged for life and death but lost in the film?

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When Trumpets Fade quotes

  • Pvt. David Manning: Don't go anywhere. Stay where I can find you, we're making a push.

    Baxter: We get orders, Sarge?

    Pvt. David Manning: We will.

    Baxter: If we didn't get orders how do you know we're making a push?

    Pvt. David Manning: Hot food, coffee, cigarettes. We're making a push, sure as shit.

  • Capt. Roy Pritchett: Lukas, take a walk.

    Pvt. David Manning: Fucking greenie.

    Capt. Roy Pritchett: You better get used to him, he's your new platoon leader.

    Pvt. David Manning: He'll be dead in a week.