crying and laughing

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Usually I don't give five stars, because you know, there should be better movies, and the next one is always the best, right?

Endure the arm soreness caused by helping my mother beat eggs and make cakes last night Write a movie review, otherwise where will the consequences of crying and laughing go to vent.

The story is very simple, the details are the most terrible. The

last scene is the most terrible.

Y went to J's house with a girl who had a crush on J after J's death, remembered The night before the mission, Y was exhorting, saying that I don't want to see your mother so soon, at least not tomorrow or the day after, but when you get married if you remember to invite me.

J's mother regarded the girl as J's ex girlfriend Now, when no one knew what song J liked, Y said his and Y's favorite spoof song in private. At this time he laughed, and I laughed too, and the audience easily remembered J and Y half an hour ago Together, he spoofed the song into a gay crooked song. His cuteness, trouble, he and Y only know the love.

At this point there is no dialogue, everything becomes Y's feeling, only the song, Scattered eyes, suddenly he saw a photo of J, the one he said he wanted to show J as a rabbit, Y smiled happily again, I cried and laughed at the same time...... .

Y&J is a movie based on real events...the Hebrew language is very good...if there are six stars, I will also play.
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"My Lover in the Army" director Eytan Fox talked about the script as a true story of his friend who was in the military in an exclusive telephone interview with Tel Aviv. A close associate was killed accidentally in a night raid, after which the Israeli military returned the body to his lover's home, but he couldn't attend his lover's farewell ceremony because their love was a secret . When he heard the story, he felt that love should not be a secret, because we often don't know when the person we love will leave us, so when there is love, it should not be hidden, so he and his partner Together they adapted this touching story and made it into "My Lover in the Army".

In Israel, both boys and girls have the obligation to serve in the militia, so everyone has a common memory of military life in their growth background. But the director said that although the international situation in Israel is very chaotic, what he really cares about is that everyone should have a life of their own, unaffected by the war, young people should have a happy and free student life and be free to enjoy life. So most of his films focus on depicting the lives of young people outside the war in Israel, and he hopes to show what young people really need. His first feature film, "Time off," also addresses gender issues in the military. He thinks that what really matters in a relationship is the relationship between each other and should not be limited by gender.

The two handsome actors in the film, Yehe Dalavi and Ohak Knoll, have superb performances in the film. The director said that he was the first to see him in the school performance where Ohak Knoll attended. , was deeply attracted by his performance, and immediately decided to invite him to play the role of Yossi, while Yeho Daweiler stood out among many actors. Yeho Daweiler is a famous drama student in Israel, and he was deeply attracted by the script of this film. At the moment, I decided to perform at any cost. The director appreciates these two actors very much. They are very professional, and in order to cultivate the lover's feelings in the play, they spend a lot of time in private with each other in order to create a natural atmosphere in the play. The deep and long kiss between the two in the snow in the play not only touched many comrades, but also many female fans in Israel responded and pointed out that the scene of the affectionate kiss was so moving that their hearts were moved. Originally, the director arranged for the two to escape together, no longer bound by the army, and also helped them arrange a beautiful scene of jumping into the pool with open arms, but during the filming, a rare snow fell in Israel, and the director decided to Their sincere emotions are set off by the white snow scene.

The director is currently working on his next film, which is about an Israeli military intelligence officer who fled to Germany after a failed mission and a simple but touching friendship with a German brother and sister. The director also said that although he has only been to Japan in Asia because he participated in the film festival, he is very interested in Asian culture. He believes that culture knows no borders. He mentioned that he had seen Director Ang Lee's "The Banquet" and he admired Ang Lee's approach to love and gender in different generations. He also likes "Diet Men and Women." Let him feel the charm of oriental culture. He very much hopes to have the opportunity to visit our mysterious eastern country next time with his new work.

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