between warm and cold

Dee 2022-09-19 04:02:05

Israel, in my eyes, always has the color of war or religion. It's as pure and cruel as forbidding any desire.
ButDisproves my usual fallacy.

As you slowly get used to the transition.

From anime to live-action movies, from scornful to heartbroken.
From chasing the beauty in the illusory but it always backfires, there are more turbid love between men and women, what a country and city to say - transitioned to discovering that only by diving into the same-sex world, seeing similarities that go against tradition When I am in love, I feel relieved.

Would they have walked more fearlessly if they were not soldiers?

64 minutes. yossi and jagger's movie, only 64 minutes. Shorter than any romance drama I've seen.
But sad but not hurt, short and pure.
The warm sun in the snow and the pleasure of play. Soldiers and homosexuals, such a double embarrassing identity does not look ugly.
I like that simple and unrestrained emotion. It's more real and sensual than the beautiful spring that makes you ticklish and sweet in girl comics. The tears that fall are full of laughter, and the air when laughing is full of shock.

I love you, I love you. yossi and jagger.
Even if it was the worst American movie.
Even though our genders are the same.
Even if there are countless artillery fire shuttling between you and me.

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