It's not a tragedy, really, trust me

Johnathan 2022-11-24 03:02:29

The weather was fine tonight, without the heat of the day, so I sat quietly at the writing desk. I'm a bit at a loss, I don't know how to express the beauty in my heart and restore it to words.
This is a serious movie, and it takes me time to savor every character and every line. I watched it once last year, but I didn't watch it carefully, and it didn't touch my heart. I watched it again two days ago, and it touched my heart.
I rarely watch gay films, most of them are trying to reflect a social issue, and I feel very heavy after watching them. But "My Love in the Army" is an exception. Israel should be an open country. Jagger does not worry too much in this regard. He dares to face up to his emotional orientation. He is a simple boy, stupid, blinking his eyes, leaving a dizziness. In the snow, the warm sun shines on them, they are youthful, they are masculine, it is the blood boiling of a soldier. For countless moments, they looked at each other and smiled. At this time, words could not explain everything, and they kept each other in their hearts. Yossi brought dessert to jagger; jagger leaned on yossi's shoulder stupidly... I believe that they all have a good feeling in their hearts, blooming into a bouquet of flowers.
I can't help but hum that "Bo", Bo nefazer et masach ha\'arafe...I will think of that smiling face that yossi freezes at the end. He told jagger's mother: "Come on, Rita sang his favorite song, he liked it very much, and changed the lover in the military." This is the song that jagger sent to yossi, and the singing started , he saw the picture of the rabbit that jagger was going to show him, he looked at the people around him quietly, and suddenly the scene of jagger playing in the snow flashed in his mind. The corners of his mouth rose slightly. It turned out that he kept the happiest and happiest beauty in his heart. It turned out that jagger still remained in Yossi's heart and never disappeared.
The story ended with a smile. I knew that jagger would be very happy in heaven, because he heard Yossi say I love you, and heard Yossi's promise: "Let's go to the East together, go to the double bed together, and ask for king size." Jagger Will bless yossi, and yossi will keep jagger in my heart, forever and ever. Yossi will be happy in the future, because jagger is his spiritual sustenance, jagger taught him to cherish, and also gave him the most beautiful memory in his life. The story is over, although there is some reluctance, but at least everyone will be very happy, this is enough.
The whole story is light and calm, just like the snow in Israel, very clean, and our hearts will be covered with a thin layer of sadness, surrounded by a kind of warmth. Please believe me, this is not a tragedy, it has touched us too much and made us believe that there is true love in this world.
Bless the people of Israel to be happy and live in peace. Don't let the war destroy the happiness that should not be lost. God, please bring peace to this land!

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