He picked up the album and put it down, the lover in the bunny suit

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"It was all in a split second until after he died, we were all busy with our own business as to how much I knew about him, who thought we were together for such a short time? I don't know, he never said, even When I asked him, he was always careful, I think my son and I realized I didn't know anything about him, I didn't know if he had a girlfriend, I didn't know you, I realized I didn't know all about him, I also don't know what his favorite movie is, or his favorite song..."
"'Come on'."
"What did you say?"
"'Come,' sung by Rita, his favorite song. He loves it. , even changing the lyrics..." The expression in his eyes was gentle and sad, indescribable, and no one could understand the depression in his heart that wanted to cry without tears.

Lior is an angel, a holy gay angel.

They could only make love secretly in the snowy wilderness, lying side by side, and he pulled out the radio, put on his favorite gay music, and danced around Yossi. And he looked up at him, and only then did he feel that he had truly left the war, and the heart that had to be frozen melted like spring water.

With unpretentious and even shabby photography techniques, this film simply records an ordinary day in a small military camp until the ambush before dawn.
All were wrapped in thick military uniforms, and even the faces were difficult to distinguish.
Lior is Yossi's subordinate. In the military camp, they treat each other indifferently, for fear of being found out, covered with the shadow of the ruthless war, and all their feelings cannot be expressed. Lior leaned against Yossi as they sat on the bed in his room, and he played the guitar like a carefree kid while he reiterated over and over again about the night's ambush. Everything is inconclusive, everything is changing rapidly.

Until the moment when the artillery fire started.
In the last darkness before dawn, they were lying in ambush among the trees, the ground was covered with thick snow, he wanted to hold his hand with his cold bare hand, but he avoided it, Lior was wayward, he blamed him, but Because of this, his simplicity and cuteness are so dazzling and heartwarming.
The moment he stood up to straighten his clothes, an ominous premonition rose in everyone's heart.
reported several times, "No. 4 is missing..."
No. 4 heard back.
Yossi's terrified face was hidden in the darkness of dawn. He found him who was injured. Although he was in a hurry, he didn't even have the courage to hug. He was so close, he needed him so much, but he couldn't give anything.
"Tell me, do you love me?"
"Of course I love you."
"...It's like an American movie, a fucking American movie..." His tone was remorseful, reluctant, he didn't want to leave his military lover, He hated the largest bed in the hotel room.
He was going to cast aside all his worries and the shackles of war, and kissed the big bed with him until daybreak.
Love blooms in the night, and the dawn will be beautiful.

"Talk to me!"
"I'll go with you, I want the biggest..." he said desperately.
"I love you."
If there is anything that can compare to you at this time, I think it is your resurrection.

All emotions will cool down.
Maybe Yossi isn't really gay.
Maybe one day he will have his own family with his own lovely children and gentle wife.
Maybe he will have a big, warm and comfortable bed.
Maybe the wounds on the body will heal.

But he could never let go of this feeling.
The love for Lior will always be treasured in the deepest and softest corner of my heart.
The pain of war will never end.

He didn't know what would happen next.
He sat silently in Lior, but it wasn't as they thought, at the wedding or when, he took him to see his parents, he just served as an officer, condolences to the family of the deceased.
Too many feelings are hard to describe, let alone not allowed.

He looked at them silently.
Pick up a photo album on the table.
See the lover in the bunny suit in the photo.
He smiled with a familiar face.
All the emotions surged up.
His eyes were sore.
Can only hide it with a stiff smile.
He knew in
his heart that he would never forget him,
his military lover.

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