When the world is full of misunderstandings about you, only pure and flawless love can melt the ice and snow

Braeden 2022-09-26 09:55:18

The degree of civilization of a country is judged not by its attitude towards the majority, but by its understanding and tolerance towards the minority.

From this point of view, our country may still be in the age of barbarians.

I am very fortunate that the teachers of the college will show movies like "My Lover in the Army" and are willing to share with us this topic that the Chinese academic community is unwilling to discuss on the table. In the face of a social group demonized by ZF media, if you don't approach his threshold to peep the truth, or even close to the edge of his door, you just go with the crowd to belittle, despise, exclude, and accuse, then these people simply don't want to. Not a civilized person.

"Military Lover" is actually a pure story that can't be purer. A beautiful hero, a beautiful youth, a beautiful love, the tragic and sublimation in the war... This is a piece of pure land that has not been eroded, maybe how much Years later, my memory is vague, but I will still remember it firmly, the crystal clear snow, the passionate and shy kiss, the sweet and happy smile of Little L, the innocent rabbits watching, the gay songs from the radio, just for one person The enchanting dance...

A male audience present said: Homosexuality is not as pure as in the movie, and reality is full of all kinds of sins, violence, transactions that only concern the senses or money. AIDS, venereal diseases, MB, clubs... Therefore, movies about gays should not simply render the beautiful and innocent side so that people can appreciate and even yearn for this abnormal product, but should treat the dirty people in the gay circle. The side that can't be seen on the stage is shown, after all, this is the truth.


What kind of reality is this?

It is a distorted reality under the double suppression of crowd rejection and public opinion pressure.

The development of gays has never had a healthy start. In our country, I don't know when we will see the truth.

Then show the dirty side of GAY to everyone, make people who don't accept it more disgusted, and make homosexuals who can't identify themselves more depressed and even desperate? Just like the six homosexuals who passed away in the past two months because of various disapproval, the youngest is only 13 years old... In this regard, Obama is willing to stand up and say: i hope it's getting better. Some countries seek common ground while reserving differences. It may be widely recognized without mentioning it at all. In some countries, it is just a model.

So these things of sex or money, as long as the word homosexual is put on, does it appear more sinful?

So prostitutes can be tolerated but MBs are not? AIDS can only be spread by homosexuals? Is money transaction a privilege of GAY? Little third and second mistress, Sister Furong Feng, who can turn a blind eye, Lala, GAY, bisexual, transgender and intersex people should disappear forever? ?

It is precisely because of our misunderstanding that something more aesthetic and pure is needed to break these groundless claims.

When the feudal ideology first disintegrated, didn't men and women who were once shackled boldly embark on the road of free love just because they saw novels and movies about pure love?

Those homosexuals who are repressed and cannot identify with themselves should look at pure things that reflect the true love of the same sex, so as to have a correct view of their own orientation, identify with their own existence, have the courage to express their own voices, and raise their heads to be human beings. Then those evil and ugly things can be reduced a little bit.

Can we endure pure love between men and women, but can't we endure the same love of the same sex?

I hope there will be more films like this, because it will take a long time for the homosexual group to be recognized and recognized by the society. If there are more beautiful things, can't the level of acceptance be greater?

China already has works like "A Night Intoxicated by the Spring Breeze".

But I wish I could see something purer.

Simple is beautiful.

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