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Liana 2022-10-27 00:37:11

All the plots of "My Lover in the Army, Yossi & Jagger" are what happened in the barracks, starting from the barracks, and then the superior officer brought two female soldiers to the task to have a meal, then everyone prepared, and then the ambush was Bombed to death, the plot is very short, there are some small dialogues and small things in the middle, and there are not many things added, it is clear from the beginning that the two of them are lovers. The sudden ambush mission made the soldiers who had just returned to the barracks nervous and did not have high fighting spirit. Before leaving, Jagger used the guitar to talk about his favorite song and wanted to hear Yossi say he loved him, but he still didn't hear it when Y was nervous. , thinking that the ambush can retreat, but a sudden cannon blew up J to the point of being seriously injured. Emotionally, to be honest, the performance is not good enough, especially in the face of J being injured and killed, the expressions and tone are no different from the previous ones, and I can't see the feeling of sadness. Is it because the language of the people in this country makes them Sounds weird to talk about? But when I went to J's house to offer condolences, I didn't see any sadness. But I like it twice, one listens to the radio and the other listens to the headphones while washing the dishes and sings songs, combining what the actors sing with the background music and then transitioning to the background music, it may be a little entertainment. One, while singing also felt a touch of sadness. The stories in the barracks always make people feel weird. Are the two female soldiers considered embellishments, one is wild and uninhibited, the other only loves J for falling in love with J but not by him, Y and J are still different after all, J wants to be loved by him. Acknowledging that he has a beautiful dream, he wants to go to the East, he wants to take Y to see his parents to see his dog to see everything about him, he dares to love, but Y is resistant to being open from the bottom of his heart, so everyone went to J's house Condolences, listening to the female soldier who likes J and J's mother say that they like him or something, there is a feeling of being robbed of a lover, but Y also just said J's favorite song, looking at the photo that he said The bunny-eared photo, with an embarrassed smile, doesn't say anything. It is estimated that I have watched too many movies, so I don’t know how to write a movie review recently, and I don’t know what to say. If I don’t say it, I feel that it is no different from having never seen this movie, alas… But anyway, it is better than that "Never Regret" is much stronger! ! !

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