The most beautiful regret.

Ken 2022-11-04 19:03:54

A film of only one hour has been circulated in the circle with excellent reputation, and even shocked people outside the circle. Looking at the comments, it can be called a thousand waves. It seems to touch everyone who has seen it. People, it can be seen that there must be something special about them.

A film itself can cause a lot of topics, so it can be said to be a good film anyway. The comments are very lively, and even lead to topics such as racial discrimination. The three have been shot the most, and have never been exposed to this. The creatures don't know what the specific situation is, but it's funny to read the comments.

The following passage reminded me of this movie while watching it.

When I watched it, I had an impression: For all foreign films (ignoring those versions with Chinese dubbing), especially those from non-English speaking countries, the first impression is that the subtitle translation is flawed. A film can have many versions of subtitles, although they are similar, but None of them perfectly express the original flavor of the film, not demanding, but most of the subtitle translations are really amateur, especially those non-English films that are not well-known and widely circulated. The film can still make do. After all, it has been nurtured by so many American dramas and Hollywood productions for so long, and the corresponding subtitle groups have also developed very maturely, but they are relatively unpopular films from non-American regions. Wrong, some of them are so outrageous that they don’t understand the basic grammar. No matter how bad the translation ability is, you should deal with your native language. Most of the time, I can’t complain. Who makes us not proficient in various languages? Oh, why are foreign schools offering them? All kinds of foreign language classes, in addition to promoting Chinese is developing Confucius Institutes, do those people in relevant departments really think that language can determine the fate of a country? ? Could learning a foreign language really subvert the culture of a nation and subvert a country?

Closer to home, almost everyone was touched at the end when Yossi flipped to the photo of Lior in a bunny suit. It is indeed a very successful setting, which suddenly arouses people's feelings for the previous plot. Because the previous setting was so beautiful, it made people feel full of emotion and sigh when they saw this scene. Undoubtedly, it can be said to be the sublimation of the film. All of a sudden Lior became more real and three-dimensional, and his innocent and lovely image emerged again, and was deeply imprinted in people's hearts. The director's control over the details, I have to say that he is a good director who grasps the hearts of the audience very well. The front has always made my heart itch. Love can be so simple and beautiful, who wouldn't yearn for it?

Regarding actors, like most people, I think the actor who plays Lior is very handsome, so handsome! Ha ha;-). He reminds me of the famous GV male star in Australia or which country. The name is louis or the god horse. They are really similar, but the GV male looks stronger than him. Besides, both of them are very sexy. The little eyes that don't pay for their lives, the handsome face, reminds me of a high school kid's shoes, really, he is their type, but my kid's shoes are more delicate, I have to gossip here. Now, :-), if it is a handsome guy, someone will chase, even in our relatively conservative school atmosphere, there are some girls chasing after the children's shoes, but..., they will be taller than the other every weekend, Relatively quiet chicken men spend the night together with Smecta~~~. The lousy pigs at that time were so pure that, seeing their ambiguous all kinds of things, although they would occasionally yyy with their various basic feelings, but every time I thought of the pictures of them being alone, my mind would be short-circuited, because the lou pigs at that time didn't have too many basic feelings for them. Concepts, look at European and American ones at most, it's hard to imagine that Asians can also come to this set (*>.

A little off topic again. Speaking of the ending, some people say that such a tragic ending is the most perfect arrangement (regardless of whether it is based on real events), but when I watched it a long time ago, I was very dissatisfied with such discord, not positive, not united Arrangement, I think it is the destruction of beautiful love. Now, maybe the only way to watch it now is to make it not too long. The simple content of this film is not conventional, and it has suddenly emerged. Although, the previous pure love is very pure and beautiful, and the actors are also different. There is nothing to say in terms of greatness, but only the ending completely grabbed the audience's throat and made the audience's expectation of a beautiful love come true, and the expectation of a lover's final marriage was strangled in the cradle, making people remember with a deep sigh of regret. this film. To be honest, after watching it a long time ago, every time I hear the title, the most impressive thing in my mind is the tragic ending. The regret that a lover can't be married has always made me brooding. It's as if most of the world's famous novels are tragedies, as if something can be achieved only by sacrificing something beautiful.

Although it is a tragedy, from the perspective of the film, this kind of regret is the most beautiful and profound proof that love has ever come.

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