Whose "flowers" need to "drift"

Wendy 2022-11-06 18:36:06

Dispel the fog
out of the grey Stand in the sun
until we can chase
and chase our dreams
Of course you can fear
but there are some wonderful things in it
Please tell me those moments of happiness
Until the sun shines on us The
cold wind blows outside
I will send it to you Go to a warm campfire,
maybe one day you will stop and
curl up in a dark corner
Please tell me some of your fearful moments,
let's bear it together and

watch "My Lover in the Army" twice in a row. What words should I use to describe my mood? When I watched it for the first time, I was so excited! Immediately hung up the phone, but the adjective was "beautiful". I know that I can't easily evaluate this film, so I choose a kind of "silence" more. I think more thoughts should stay here.

Leo, like a rabbit. Meek, well-behaved, cute, giving a feeling of weakness. His frown and smile in the snow are so beautiful.

When I watched it for the second time, my eyes were always moist. Finally, when Yoss saw that photo, he recalled their time in the snow again. A beam of sunlight shone on Yoss' face. When I recalled their sweet memories, the subtitles appeared at this time. It feels like there is no end to it, but the story is over. That's it, that's life, that's the movie. Sometimes he recorded something very realistically.

The film is short, unlike the long films I usually watch. My Lover in the Army omits a lot of unnecessary narrative. Starting straight from the shot of Yoss and Leo in the snow makes their relationship clear. And there's nothing sinister about the film. this is very good! As pure as snow from beginning to end, pure as Leo. Perhaps "pure" and "pure" are not appropriate. But I do think so. Such pure feelings are really good!

I like the dialogue between them, some are coquettish, some are sober. Everything was laid out in those conversations. I know it clearly, but I can't resist the sad fate at the end. I remember that at the end, as the commander, Yoss took the walkie-talkie, reported his "flowers" and requested "drift". There was clearly a sense of shock in his tone. Putting down the walkie-talkie, I heard the sound of the rumbling helicopter, only the rumbling helicopter. Everything is blank.

I didn't expect this movie to be so good, I really didn't expect it. I don't like to repeat the plot in the movie, because even if everyone sees the same picture, they will have a different state of mind. But I really want to count down a warm and moving plot. I don't know why this movie is so beautiful. A romantic approach that is gentle and not rude at all. This is based on Leo's personality. From his affectionate eyes, there is infinite tenderness.

I love "My Lover in the Army", a movie I like to suffocate!

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