true but not aesthetically pleasing

Octavia 2022-07-15 18:03:07

The story of a girl who found herself by being a prostitute

Comparing Huarongyue's appearance with similar themes, I always feel that this one has more than enough beauty and lack of beauty. But it is true that the two heroines had different initial purposes. As an adopted orphan, Raquel was more independent and earning money, and by the way, she knew herself; by contrast, Isabelle was purely a middle-class girl who treated herself exploration. But whether it is because of the story itself or not, the treatment of the two films is obviously more poetic, the overall style is more elegant, and the emotions are restrained and full.

I will watch Huarongyuemei many times, and I will also collect the soundtrack, but the surfer girl may only watch this once...

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