love is happiness

Joe 2022-10-01 23:57:50

Telling you
a story that happened in Israel,
what can you think of? It
's simply unforgettable,
no desire
, no suspicion that has nothing to do with love,
what can you think of the
thick snow,
Rita's Hebrew, the wanton singing
of Jagger's Eyes
Yossi's kiss,
everything turned into a deep cosmic
fascination Heart-wrenching
military bag guns discarded on the snow
like a well-wrapped but fiery body
No matter where you are, you
can hear such clear breathing
That night
when the full moon is full The cannon rang out
Yossi couldn't hear
Jagger's count anymore
and Jagger's face
was still quiet and beautiful
Yossi's little fool
please don't give up your
bloody chest
No crying ,
no frenzy
, no hoarse wailing
"Will our end be like That kind of bad Hollywood movie, but, I still have to ask, do you love me?"
"Of course I love you, little fool, I want to go to the East with you, and I want a king size bed"
Although their comrades are in Even
though their squad hasn't left
, the charming light in Jagger's eyes fades
away like a star falling into the Milky Way, there is no sadness , and there are not too many tears

Because love is happiness

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