love has no gender

Nelda 2022-11-15 05:00:53

Love under fire is charming and tragic. The love between the two is truly heartwarming and heartwarming. The love between YOSSI and JAGGER makes people feel that the war is coming too fast, JAGGER's smile is very beautiful, and the smile without gender is as pure as an angel entering the world. They will also be like ordinary couples in love, "Do you love me?" "Will you still love me if I don't have a leg?" "Will you still love me if I don't have eyes?
" His love is carefully protected, giving people an unreal sense of happiness. And YOSSI has moral concerns and put the love of the two to the bottom of his heart. Desires to get all the love of JAGGER, afraid that he will fall in love with others, but dare not express it boldly. Until JEGGER was shot, he put aside his concerns and kept saying to JAGGER: "I love you!" "It's like the kind of love in American movies!" JAGGER passed away with his love. Leaving YOSSI to live strong, at JAGGER's funeral, his mother didn't know what kind of music or movie JAGGER likes. Even the girl who misunderstood love didn't know, only YOSSI said: "LETS."
"He likes RITA's LETS song." This is the secret between them. In the photo, JAGGER takes the little rabbit With the grimace in his clothes, YOSSI thought of the romance in the snow again. He smiled, I think in the days to come, YOSSI will live happily as long as he thinks of every minute and every second with JAGGER.

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