Sleeping in double beds from now on, forever

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The bullet penetrated Jagger's chest, and Yossi told him that he was willing to go to the hotel with him and sleep in a double bed with him... No need to sneak around like a rabbit in the future, only when the night comes, dare to put the two single beds together Get up and prove that they love each other.

"Our ending is really like a bad Hollywood movie..." Jagger smiled and looked at his superior, his lover, his friend, the love he swore to life and death...

Love, never in "this love" It can be reminisced." Then he said.
Love, never be fettered by a temporary misunderstanding, which becomes an eternal pain.

Of course, you can also leave memories - it's a precious treasure for you and him.
When you open Jagger's photo album, you find that his face with a bunny expression has always existed only for you.

The vast snow, innocent him. Don't be afraid to tell you that he loves you in the eyes of others. You are a man, you are in love with him. You are happy, you are confused, you gain, and then silently, you lose him again.

In fact, he doesn't care what you think of yourself at all, the important thing is that he loves you.
On that sentry afternoon, you put dessert after dinner dotingly to his mouth, he smiled and took off his gloves, took a bite of the dessert, and handed it to you...
On that snow-covered morning, he was there Playing with the naughty bunny in the snow, he radioed his favorite song and danced...

in that moment, that day, and that world.
Then the story goes back to where it started.
Just you and him, the two of you. Have slept in double beds ever since.


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