My Watch Book: "Bruna Serfestin"

Ethyl 2022-07-15 15:35:41

The story of a generation of prostitutes in Brazil. The heroine's appearance is a bit old, and it's uncomfortable to play a high school student. But after the protagonist became a prostitute and became famous, the aura came out. The first half of the film is about how Bruna Serfistin made her fortune and embarked on a successful career in pornography, and the second half is how she fell from the top. Generally speaking, it is still very good, and it is relatively successful for the psychological portrayal of the protagonist. The three views presented in the film are very different from mine, but the cultural background is different, and I have nothing to say. Fortunately, the story does not reveal any negative attitude about the protagonist’s way of life from the beginning to the end, which is not so. Hypocritical.

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