about dignity

Emmie 2022-08-21 17:09:30

There are many kinds of occupations in this world, from the high to the head of state, the middle to the ordinary worker, and the low to the prostitute or duck. Different professions have different perceptions of them, and even different degrees of recognition. In the eyes of the Chinese, being a prostitute brings shame to the family, but in Japan, actresses in AV culture can be treated like stars and moon to some extent. Although Bruna did not record her sexual process into a video, her open blog, bold and explicit seduce men, seems to have regarded herself as a star. There is an important link in the film. When Bruna is at the peak of her prostitute career, her fans hold a grand party for her. She is the goddess in the hearts of many men. "You are too hot!" It is those men who treat her to her. Wushang praised, and said to Bai, she finally knew why so many people wanted to be famous, because they could find dignity. She is indeed famous, but her outlook on life is based on a wrong foundation. She should not think that as long as she is financially independent, a person can really be independent.
While watching this film, the time when I can't respect her the most is when she thinks she has the respect of thousands of people. She's a total shameless bitch with no moral bottom line and thinks she's a 100% free person without any constraints. However, the subsequent failure proved her wrong.
Although the film tells the story of a prostitute, we can read some other information aside from being a prostitute. For example love. Perhaps without the presence and warmth of the first male client when she was most frustrated, she would still be random every day, not knowing how many clients she received, until one day she died in bed. For example, because of the courage, determination and hard work to persevere through difficulties, a satisfactory result can still be obtained in the end. Her novels have sold 250,000 copies and have been translated into 15 languages.
I think the director didn't want to convey a message like "when you have nowhere to go, just be a prostitute", look at it positively, even if prostitutes can find their new life, let alone ordinary people.
Life always forces a person to grow up, become powerful, and gain dignity. It's just how to obtain this dignity, and what kind of dignity to obtain is worth thinking about.

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