How many books does it take to learn to love

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An old woman with only a handful of bones left, thin like a deer made of crystal, and like a dove with feathers. A fat man who was ridiculed and felt that his intelligence was low since he was a child, that his father did not love his mother, and that he could only do the lowest labor. He would never think that he would go to university and finish his Ph.D. all his life. Camus. We thought we were like this, our mother didn't love us, we never got any attention, we were cheated, laughed at, fat, and life was always smooth, but things started to change when we met the old woman in the park. We began to think about why we didn't get the love of our mother, we said that not everyone is the result of love, some people are just a happy accident, we know that the girlfriend's name means fennel, and we began to feel that the author wrote The loneliness of that lonely little girl. We start to change, and we don’t know whether this change is good or bad. We start to say that the original self is confused and stupid, don’t think too much, it’s also very good. In this case, we go back to the dictionary and start with this The changed self fights, but both ourselves and our friends prefer the changed me. The old woman who has been reading books all her life always looked at me with a tolerant smile. She even smiled and told me that she was going to be blind, and that she was about to lose her sight. Well, what if she can't see, she is the person who needs eyes the most in the world.
French movies are so bland but unstoppable, basically relying on dialogue to support movies, what should be done to make people watch them without stopping? Why can't I watch it, when the male protagonist muttered to himself, and when the old woman blinked slyly, even if they were talking about the three types of tomatoes, people couldn't stop. How many books does it take to learn to love? Many, many, like that old woman, you don't have to read a book, like the big fat man, they are the same kind of people, the same kind of people will eventually find each other and love each other, whether he can't read a full sentence or not She is not 95 years old.

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  • Germain Chazes: It's not a typical love affair, but love and tenderness, both are there. Named after a daisy, she lived amongst words, surrounded by adjectives in green fields of verbs. Some force you yield to. But she, with soft art, passed through my hard shield and into my heart. Not always are love stories just made of love. Sometimes love is not named but it's love just the same. This is not a typical love affair I met her on a bench in my local square. She made a little stir, tiny like a bird with her gentle feathers. She was surrounded by words, some as common as myself. She gave me books, two or three Their pages have come alive for me. Don't die now, you've still got time, just wait It's not the hour, my little flower Give me some more of you. More of the life in you Wait Not always are stories just made of love Sometimes love is not named. But it's love just the same.