Afternoon with Margaret: Reading Makes Life Tender

Kristoffer 2022-11-21 12:53:24

A short light comedy. There is French romantic humor, the free and easy literary life of the French, and the humanistic care of French films.
Except for the nonsensical and funny pure comedies in French films, this kind of French light comedies are often associated with life dilemmas and individual loss, but the way of expression is romantic and exudes a literary atmosphere, without the seriousness and chaos of the United States and Britain, nor the Japanese style. Serious and heavy, it seems to be inadvertently telling, and there is some tenderness and can't help laughing when you understand it.
The encounter of a middle-aged uncle from a "Xia Liba" and an old lady of "literary art" changed each other's lives. The two often sat on a park bench during the day, with a group of pigeons in front of them, the old lady was reading, and the middle-aged uncle listened. The picture is always bright and beautiful, and the weather in the film is always sunny. In the beginning, this is the tone of a light comedy.
Reading makes life soft, enriching and barren individuals. At the beginning of the film, the middle-aged uncle of the "Xia Liba" shows the hostility towards life of the middle-aged uncle of the "Xia Liba" with a scruples about the hourly wages and hesitant to curse. Immediately after, the tavern being ridiculed and the tension at home with his mother paint a picture of the roughness and impetuousness of his life. Then, he met Margaret, the "literary" old lady, she was weak, with thin legs and a thin voice, weak as a dove, and graceful as a dove at the same time. Although her voice was soft, her speech was never slow, clear and steady. Her speech was always polite and sincere, without complaining or lamenting. Although her situation was not good, she seemed happy and self-sufficient at all times. The graceful posture of life manifested in her. In his sixtieth year, he still wears a pink floral jacket and ear studs with pearl flowers on his earlobes. He is curious about things and loves people and animals. This is a state that many Chinese elderly people do not have and many foreign elderly people do not have.
Reading, traveling, pottery, or other hobbies, when it becomes a habit, becomes a part of life, it is a source of constant nourishment in this life. Although the middle-aged uncle complained of disappointment in life, his inferiority complex and barrenness also prevented him from getting out of the predicament of life, but he was gentle and dedicated when planting flowers and grass.
The film flashes back to the middle-aged uncle's childhood from time to time. Every time there is a problem in his life, the film flashes back to his childhood to reproduce the root of the problem. This straightforward way is unrestrained and straightforward, and it is also the expression of French romance. The film even reproduces the story in the novel, and the small clip of the Indians taking revenge on the hunting of the leopard is full of French humor. In the daily chats of the three or five friends in the tavern, even if there are inconsistencies, humor is often used to cover up the hideousness, and the scene where the lady boss' lover and the little nurse eloped in the middle is even more ironic. The mother's almost neurotic mania was tempered by her childish displays of terror.
Because of reading, the middle-aged uncle began to face his own life seriously, and it was not pleasant to take a serious look at the defects in life at first. When you choose to look vaguely and ignore the existence of defects for many years, one day, you will take a magnifying glass to look at it. It's time for nothing but loss and frustration. But, this is just the beginning of the end of the muddled life. For the middle-aged uncle, decades ago, life did not accept his birth with a gentle attitude, but now he wants to reconcile with life. Even if his emotional mother loves him, it is a deformed love. If people cannot feel love in life, what is the point of revealing plausible maternal love after death?
Movies are showing us the power of reading. Although the real world is limited, the world in the book is infinitely broad. Whether it's the mundane reading in the park, or the contemplation in the stumbling reading, or the movie, the trip, they are all like an encounter, every book, every movie, every trip, and Like a passer-by in life, there will always be something left behind that will always make your life different from now on.

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