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Mercedes 2022-07-12 15:18:45

Yesterday, I randomly found a movie "One Night With The King" on the movie server, and I had a night with the king. Halfway through, I was still confused. It was about the story of Esther, the Queen of Persia. I checked the Internet and found out that the Bible says that Esther was a Jew, and she was the second queen of King Xerxes. , She saved the Jewish nation with her wisdom and faith. The Bible mentions that she is wise and beautiful. She prayed for three days. In order to save the Jews, she violated the supreme law at that time and was not called to stand before the king. Instead of punishing her, the king was overwhelmed by her beauty and lifted the scepter. Pardoned her and promised to grant her any request, even if it was half of his country, but she only offered to let the enemy Haman and the king attend her dinner with the king. Such a request cannot be made above the court, what a smart move.

In fact, there are still some discrepancies between the movie and what the Bible says. What is more prominent in the movie is love. Esther became an orphan with a bloody feud, but she is still innocent, lively, naughty and wise. She loves to read and tell stories and has been trained. Their love for Hegai, he sent her to read the kingdoms for the king, but she told him the love story of Jacob and Rachel. The understanding of love, this is "one night with the king", she also fell in love with the king, in the dream he suddenly fell into a dream and gently kissed her forehead. Soon she finally married Wang. Who can tell whether she is scheming or love? Perhaps the most important scheming is no scheming.

After the marriage, the relationship between the two was deep and harmonious, but there would eventually be misunderstandings and suspicions between the two. The king issued a ban on the queen not entering the palace to see him if she was not called. It happened that Haman proposed to execute all Jews at this moment. Her uncle Mo Decai entrusted the fate of all Jews to her. She knew that if she violated the law and contract, she would be executed. She told all the Jews to pray for her for three days. She would not eat or drink for three days, and she would pray to God. In order to save her from death, the servant sent her sedan chair away, and she walked to the palace in the heavy rain. Facing the angry officials of the dynasty, the king raised his scepter to him and pardoned her, and then she followed the will of God. Finally, Haman was defeated, the king stopped fighting, and the Jews were spared. Seeing that although there is an element of exaggeration, she is still very moved. Esther said to the servant who discouraged her: David did the same thing before killing the giant Philistine. About "David and the giant Philistine" you know What attracts me the most? David won not because of his skill but because of his faith. Yes, because love is firm belief.

Also because of love, Esther was able to turn the tide, and Haman was finally executed.

Since then, the Jews will hold a solemn "Feast of Puer" from the 13th to the 15th day of the month of Adar in the Babylonian calendar (about the second and third months of the Gregorian calendar). celebration.

After watching this film, I also have more impressions. Wang's predecessor, the queen, was also beautiful and tired of war, but she stood on the enemy's side in the process of discouraging the king. When the king held a banquet, she also He held a banquet and competed with the king in court. The king invited her to attend the banquet, but she refused to participate. As a result, Wang was furious. Finally, Esther was able to become the second queen. Her words: I am the queen, not a servant. , I cannot leave my guest. The tone is quite like a modern feminist. On the other hand, Esther is gentle but tenacious. She has never given up her beliefs, but she is not fighting against the king. She uses love and tolerance, and uses stories to persuade her because of her beliefs. Firmly, she used the wisdom of her own woman to finally win the king. also saved all the Jews. Looking at this, all of us women or some women really have to ponder.

A very good film, very beautiful scenery, very wise lines.

For example: I was taught that when you visit the king, do not expect a gift, but bring a gift and place it at his feet.

Another example is the sentence: To keep things secret is the quality of God; to find out things is the glory of a king.

Very relevant.

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One Night with the King quotes

  • Queen Esther: [in her prayers] Obedient I have been. I walk before you with a loyal heart and now I stand in the hour of trouble precisely because of my obedience. I beseech you father. Let there be another way. Rise up a deliverer and let this pass... let this pass.

  • Queen Esther: [after being told of the King's intentions] And who is this honored man?

    Haman, the Amelekite: A scribe. A Jewish scribe, who claims to have saved the King's life.

    Queen Esther: I should think you would be honored by such a privilege given by the King.

    Haman, the Amelekite: [seething] Honored? Prestige of Persian is at stake. What will it be said of your husband, the king that he commanded his highest prince to lead a Jew through the streets? A Jew, my lady!

    Queen Esther: And how is a Jew any different than you or I?

    Haman, the Amelekite: They are our enemy! They must be destroyed.

    Queen Esther: They may your enemy, but not mine.

    Haman, the Amelekite: The way you defend them, one might almost think...

    Queen Esther: [challenging] One might think what, my prince?

    Haman, the Amelekite: One might think that is all, my lady. One might think.