inner dark side

Burnice 2022-07-14 10:49:28

The film begins with the corpse of a pregnant woman, which sets the tone for the overall darkness.

After going to the island, the Americans stated the purpose of the trip and began to portray the image of a gentleman. It was not until the end that I realized that he had an unknown dark past.

When prostitutes tell their stories from the beginning, they beautify themselves and make up a lot of lies, and then they are constantly asked by Americans to tell the terrible truth. In the film, this dark world is slowly revealed to the audience through prostitutes.

The angel in hell is Peach, who always thinks that Americans love her purely and live in this hell so optimistically, but angels are not suitable for living in the world in the film.

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  • The Woman: This island isn't in the human world; demons and whores are the only ones living here.