Hell is empty, the devil is on earth

Paxton 2022-07-14 21:03:52

Heavy-duty movies, watch carefully for those who are bloody, violent, and abusive! If two demons fight, one will die and one will be injured. A demon, born into what people call a freak, is also due to his incestuous parents. This demon, with resentful blue hair, has been helping his mother who has a caesarean section to kill young souls one after another since he can remember. He has been ignorant of the weight of life since he was a child, and is even more fearless. There is a sister who can't refuse, and she adds to the flames. I think my sister is all the bad things she wants to do, kill the bastard father who violated her, snatch the ring that oppressed her madam and put the blame on Xiao Tao who cares about her, and finally do bad things because of the wrong perception the monk instilled in him She was about to go to hell. In order to "repay" Xiao Tao who has always been good to herself, she personally sent her to heaven, and in order to make Xiao Tao's journey to heaven more secure, so she was destined to make this girl who was very good to herself hate her. Friends who go to hell, then Xiao Tao will have no friends in hell, and the road to heaven will be smoother. Another devil is the male protagonist. As a reporter from the United States, he personally injured and killed his own sister. Those bright blue eyes are so obedient and clear that I even suspect that his sister is obedient enough to have been raped. He played with it, but in the end he couldn't escape the clutches of his brother who liked to mutilate others.

Imagine for yourself

What if the one who pulled the pistol and killed was not the twins, but Xiao Tao, who was originally loved by the male protagonist?

Xiao Tao's own life was very miserable. He had mental problems since he was a child, and he lived with two hers, one kind and one evil. Then he was violated by his father when he was a child, and she killed her father, and then her mother couldn't bear the burden of life. Killed by blows, her sister helped her disguise the fact of the murder, and the good side made all the stories into a lie, used to deceive herself and said that she was beautiful, and also deceived others that her biological parents committed suicide. Then she was adopted, and during this period she met her love, the male lead, and was sold to a brothel, but in the brothel she showed her kindness, but no kind person treated her, and she was even framed and framed by others. After all the torture, it was ruined in the end. Then the dark side appeared. At this time, the male protagonist came, came to this island, and met such a peach, and in the heart of the evil peach, the peach he once loved has long since died, so the story begins! The last loved one, pursued hard, and finally killed the person in front of him again!

Although, it is impossible, because the prostitute said that there is no Xiao Tao here, and Xiao Tao is indeed dead, and the story of the twins is also established.

From the very beginning of the bleak scene of pregnant women still in the water, people faced the indifference of this situation, and the boatman just disliked the heavy body as heavy as a lead block in the way, and the disgust that it was difficult to clean up. And most people only have the fear of death, and have absolutely no pity when life dies. This is doomed to the sadness of all people and the cruelty of the world!

The director really showed us all the evil in the world.

Turn love into prostitute money or let one party die and never get love! Let those who are simple, ideal, and dream doomed to die, and euphemistically call it heaven! Turn sibling affection into a sexual outlet and a murderous urge! Turning parental love into abuse and incest! The so-called belief is used as a tool for brainwashing. If the monk said that if you don't want to go to hell, do as I say. That evil monk ruined the twins and Xiao Tao!

All the good things have turned into dark decorations. The most important thing is that these good things and dark things are all around us.

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