Look to God, the author and finisher of faith

Alexis 2022-07-12 20:40:13

When I watch film and television works, I can often see scenes of the solemn Forbidden City or the imaginary palace appearing in the field of vision as the gate of the palace slowly opens, and then there will be royal guards, eunuchs, or emperors and concubines to jointly perform luxurious scenes. Life, the change of dynasties, and the feast of ambition and intrigue, this is worldly.
Today, the opening of another palace gate has engraved confidence in my soul through my eyes. This is God’s.
It was the eunuch who opened the gate of the Forbidden City; but it was the king's queen who opened the gate of the Persian palace. Although the film is called "One Night with the King", the poster uses a woman's weak body to push open a huge door as a visual impact, and below it is written "The Call of Destiny".
The film basically restores the rich and dramatic history of the ups and downs of the Bible's Old Testament "Book of Esther". It is a story that occurred in the Persian kingdom of King Xerxes and Queen Esther in about 400 BC and within the palace walls- About love, about conspiracy, about nation, about confidence.
It is said to be the most tolerant work of Jewish history in Hollywood in recent years. The general plot of the film is that a Jewish woman who was originally a slave became a Persian queen instead, and in the court battle, saved the fate of her family with her wisdom and confidence. This is not a Cinderella fairy tale, but a miracle like an Egyptian prince. The magnificent palace, the relationship full of tension, and the God who created and finished the world for David, Esther and our faith, when the gate of the palace is pushed open, the kingdom of earth and the kingdom of heaven are tightly connected at this moment. together. Fate is not destiny, but God's calling. Basically in the same year, on the far other side, Wang was killed in the tragic fatalism of the ring-shaped ring city, and the love, hatred and hatred in the palace were forever imprisoned. Yan" in the circle.
"It is the glory of God to hide things; it is the glory of kings to find out."

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One Night with the King quotes

  • Queen Esther: [daunted by Xerxes's anouncement, to Jesse] Nor there's not to be a Queen here any longer. Mordecai has given me his blessing. Let us leave tomorrow. Together.

  • Mordecai: [worried, about the search for a new Queen] There's no need for alarm. Nor likelihood they will not come for you. And not all who taken will be chosen. Not that the Queen has already been selected through bribery or chicanery.

    Queen Esther: [distressed] How do I keep our laws? How do I pray? What excuse do I offer God for not keeping his commandments?

    Mordecai: Oh, Hadassah. God see's the forward observance according to natures place. I think it would be better... if you forget that you were a Jew. If it is a sin, then, then, then let it be on my head. Promise me you will do that if you are taken. Promise me that!

    Queen Esther: If I am taken, I will do as you say.

    Mordecai: We should give a different name. Hadassah is too Jewish... Esther! Esther is a good Babylonian name. Yes. That is what we shall call you from now on. Esther of Susa. Promise me. Promise if you are taken.

    Queen Esther: I said if I am taken. If, if, if...

    [rising to the door]

    Queen Esther: But for now, you should look for me on the streets of Jerusalem. Dancing like David before the glory of the Lord.

    Mordecai: Uh Hadassah?

    Queen Esther: [singing, before she leaves] Who?