French delicate and small emotions

Vivianne 2022-11-16 23:24:54

A director who has always been motivated to pay attention to the delicate and small feelings of the French. For more than ten years, he has been trying to build a visual social pedigree of the French. There are country people, city people, white-collar workers, blue-collar workers, and ignorant children. There is also a well-read old lady (just this one). There is always some dramatic little sadness in these ordinary stories, and the audience is often worried about these people, not despairing for these people. Because the story is told to the end, the director cannot carry out an initial emotion, or insist on it to the end. One possibility is that he does not possess a truly tragic temperament, unable to find an admirable balance between great sadness and small trivial humor. Another possibility is that this was originally his artistic orientation, his consistently (stubbornly) chosen artistic taste. Because of his "serious" localization tendency, films always have to face a group of French audiences with the same stubbornness, artistic taste and petty affection. In short, whenever I think of Jean Becker, it always makes me feel a little regretful.

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