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After watching the film, there are countless emotions in my heart, but I don't know how to record them. Even if I forced myself to pick up the pen, I found that what I wrote were unwritten words, which could not express my inner excitement at all. Then you can only think of where and where to write.

A fat middle-aged man who walks staggeringly, looks a little stupid in words and deeds, and even looks unremarkable. On an ordinary afternoon, he met an old lady who changed his life. Every time I see this petite old lady like a little sparrow, there is only the word elegant in my mind. It is said that people gather together by similarities, but who would have thought that such a learned and literate person could have such a long-term friendship with a pastoral man who can be said to have no thoughts?

The beginning of the movie Wen Wen once made me pause several times, but I am glad I continued to watch it. On this sunny afternoon, 19 pigeons, a dilapidated park bench, a fat man, and a silver-haired old lady, a book, slowly read in the old lady. In the sound, I was already attracted. Such a scene seems to have infinite magic power - unspeakable moving, unspeakable tears. As the film progressed, I realized how harmonious and happy these two people were when they were together. It is not so much that they are lovers, it is better to say that they are confidants, confidants who forget their years. Kidman himself said that he loved her. The communication between them, the love between them, is not the kind of dry wood and fire, not the kind of rotten sea and stone, but I want to cherish her. Yes, he loves her.

He never felt his mother's love, he was bullied by his teachers at school, and the friends around him were also vulgar people. No one in this world understood his heart. Maybe Kidman was really slow to respond, but he was still kind. He goes to the park to count pigeons every day, as if looking at these pigeons, he can restore his optimistic attitude and return to the ordinary world. Until he met Margaret, the old lady with two t's in her name. Because he was laughed at by his teachers, Kidman never read, and he didn't know much. His life was far from "knowledge" and "culture", but in warm afternoons, Margaret used her reading to give Kidman has created a rich book world, filling Kidman's empty heart little by little. Kidman also gradually fell in love with reading, from a vulgar commoner to an elegant literati. Reading and Mrs. Margaret have become an integral part of his life. So when he had the happy news of his girlfriend's pregnancy, he couldn't wait to share it with Margaret; when he learned that the old lady was about to go blind, he was sadder than the old lady, and wanted to make a pair of crutches for her all night. . . In the end, Kidman finally got his wish and became the old lady's crutch forever. This time, let him read for her, give her a warm home, and give her an eternal harbor.

Regarding his mother's part, Margaret said "there is nothing sadder than a mother who does not love her child", and Kidman also always thought that his mother did not love him because his birth was completely accidental. But there is really no mother who doesn't love her children. Even in her later years, in my opinion, Kidman's mother has been a little mentally ill, but she still left a property for Kidman by working day and night. Until death, what a mother does is for her children.

Girlfriend, it's really hard to imagine that such a middle-aged man who is not a handsome guy, or even has a shallow mind, will have a young and beautiful girl as his girlfriend, and he loves her deeply, and will be jealous for a bunch of flowers. , would want to have a baby with two people. To paraphrase the old saying - this is true love. But thinking about it carefully, Kidman is pure, kind, and really good to his girlfriend.

Friendship, family, love, maybe these are the three different kinds of love this film wants to show everyone. A heartwarming ending, a beautiful journey of life.

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