in the name of a book

Javon 2022-10-27 19:55:13

Ever seen a question, is reading for study or pleasure?
Someone answered that reading without purpose is entertainment, and having knowledge that you really want to gain from a book can be called learning. I thought so.
After watching this film that has been planting grass for a long time, I suddenly want to ask a very common but still meaningful question, what is the purpose of reading. What is the meaning of reading?
Is it to learn some theoretical knowledge? Is it to explore the unknown between the lines?
I can't define it. There is a saying that books should be slaves of people, not masters. It probably comes from an article that emphasizes the purpose of reading and the ability of people to discriminate. In my opinion, a book is like a person with its own temperament. Likes and dislikes, between the lines is an exploration of another world. Marquez's description of life in South America is solemn and surging. Whether it is a gypsy trick or a family change, those infectious words can't help but devote themselves to it. , to that era, to that afternoon when everyone was pushed aside to touch the ice.
Reading is to see a wider distance, you know, there are so many beautiful
readings outside of your daily life to make yourself face yourself more honestly, you know, the world is not just as difficult as you, grit your teeth and survive It's good to
read to make yourself face the world more gracefully, you know, in this world we are all passing by in a hurry, love this world, the clouds are light.
Every time I see Margaret, she still closes her eyes like a young girl and listens to the book and looks forward to the story. Although she lives in a nursing home, her nephews and nieces are likely to stop supporting her and her eye disease is getting worse, but she still loves sunshine and books. , reading is like her breath, her life.
In the movie, I saw that Fehrman was redeemed in the book, and there was no need to be too troubled by the shadow of his mother and childhood. What Margaret received in the book was the nourishment of the soul, so that even though she was over ninety, she was still happy Innocent like a girl, in the name of flowers, living in words. The love and understanding between two people also transcend the cognitive boundaries of age. It is not love, but a rare confidant.
What do we get from the book? It increases our knowledge of the world so that we don't sway people with malice, and expands the freedom of the mind so that we don't get disturbed by small things.
A life of gentleness and kindness, without losing love and freedom.

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