Little People and Big Intrigues - a hodgepodge of home-cooked dishes

Cheyenne 2022-09-17 22:55:44

At the end of the fourth episode, the scene where the car lights are pulled away is really a transition and a bit of a curtain opening, a delicate concept.

At the beginning, it was a kidnapping case. After picking up the wrong mobile phone, it took two turns to find the real owner. Then, he was forced to pay the ransom, and the kidnappers were involved. After a farce, the kidnapping case was over. Pulled out the double agent and the other party to murder and the other party of sexual bribery and theft of public property. The key lies in this mess of logical and cohesive concepts, a mistake involving self-rescue and saving others, manslaughter to access the agent, the death of the agent leads to the double agent, the double agent leads to the leaker, the leaker dies, and the chase. Kill and flee, solve problems with wisdom. By taking evidence and linking up with the girlfriend and the profiteer, the two lines that were originally unrelated are intertwined, and the more absurd and outrageous, this story has the feeling of two big smoking guns. Aside from feeling that the motives of being forced by the daughter of a wealthy businessman to retrieve the music box are not enough (there is no need to find an experienced person for such an important thing), the overall logic and arrangement are still reasonable, and they are all mature commercial films. The skills and familiar scenes, what is special is the various unexpected and absurd feelings connected by the protagonists in these scenes, as well as the ups and downs of emotions after being substituted. There are always some absurd things in this world, absurd people, normal is daily life, daily life is bland, and blandness cannot give the audience strong stimulation.

Fortunately, the simmering of this ordinary dish is not bad. The jokes are such as the unexpected car accident, the mistakes in the hospital, and the unexpected confusion when the underground casino is kidnapping the gang. Eight hundred thousand pounds was spent for several hundred, the absurd feeling of begging for a discount, and the burden was a little embarrassing if it didn't shake, such as the whole scene from being a male prostitute by mistake to being kissed, about the fat mother of those.

Some people say that pornography, conspiracy theories and politics are the three major weapons that drive human nature. For movie viewers, there are curiosity and lust, the insecurity of being dominated, and the combination of human creativity on the dark side. It is something that is understandable but not easy to understand in reality, and this drama has it all. As I get older, I read a book on geopolitics, I heard that other people have been charged protection fees, I saw the blood of a gang of students who had nowhere to put my blood, and learned that there were doctors on Weibo who said they had seen behind the scenes. The Jianghu people who had tattooed diamonds but were hacked a few times saw the sudden death of Japanese officials who once wanted to promote the economic development of China and Japan and the ensuing dispute over the Diaoyu Islands. In addition, where there is no red light district, the world view is pieced together. There is a picture of disputes under limited resources, interests, desires and rules conflicting, conspiracy and power struggle are the yearning for interests, pornography is one of the real desires of human beings, the beauty is that these things are hidden in Under the light, the places that ordinary people can't see, this may be the reason why these three taboos are so attractive, you don't have to be curious.

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