How hard is it to find a movie starring a handsome guy online? . .

Bartholome 2022-10-02 18:10:59

If it weren't for my birthday, I'd have to save character. . .
It's really not good-looking, male pig's feet are really male pig's feet. . . It's not eye-catching at all, and it looks very strange and has the look of Sister Feng's upper body. . . threw up. . .
The female pig's feet are actually quite beautiful, but they are really contrived. . .

The only handsome young man of school age was caught and cut from the street in a few minutes. . . Orz... kills my reverie space. .

Uncle Nei is very good, but unfortunately he is an uncle. In the end, he is still an uncle after the prince is sealed.

I was screaming in my heart, where is the handsome pot, where is the handsome pot. . .

Tell me if you know. . .

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  • Queen Esther: Let my life be given me, at my petition and my people at my request

    King Xerxes: You demand me your life, and that of your people? My dear girl,I know not of your people, you have yet to tell me who they are.

    Queen Esther: Have we been nearly sold as slaves? I would have held my tounge, This... This Haman wanted our blood, my blood, the blood of Jacob, your Jacob. Your Jacob was given a new name, Israel. As do was I.

    King Xerxes: You... Esther, a Jew?

    Queen Esther: Not Esther, my lord, Hadassah Batabihan ,Daughter of the tribe of Benjamen, Child of the most high God.

    Haman, the Amelekite: Never have I heard I heard a more pathetic story in my entire life.

  • Queen Esther: Perhaps, instead of asking questions of our trials, our trials are ment to ask questions of ourselves.