A New Interpretation of Love in Religious Stories

Rasheed 2022-10-26 00:44:25

The whole story is about love rather than religion. Esther, the woman who saved her own people by the king's love for her alone, has the religious undertones of the biblical story much lessened. However, due to commercial considerations, the plot of the film has been changed, at least to strengthen the rhythm changes. It must be said that the movie is indeed more attractive than the story in the original Bible. Esther's approach is very much like the heroine of a court drama.

My favorite in the movie and in the Bible is not the heroine Esther, but the previous queen. Vigorous and decisive, atmospheric.

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One Night with the King quotes

  • Hagai: [to the Queen candidates] Walk on to a brand new life. The method of your rival was not of my choosing. I am Hagai, his majesty's royal eunuch. I have been assigned to over see your preparations.

    Queen Esther: [to the frightened group] It's ok.

  • Queen Esther: [surprised by Hagai] You have a very bad habit.

    Hagai: The palace is no place for children.

    Queen Esther: You think of me as a child? Well, you are wrong. I am much younger than that!

    [lauging and dancing around]

    Hagai: How do they call you?

    Queen Esther: [stopping] Esther.

    Hagai: Curious name. From where you come?

    Queen Esther: [dancing around] I'm of the wind, whose sound is heard. Yet none know from whence it comes or where it goes.

    Hagai: Well, we gather with in the hour. Try not to blow away before then.

    [leaves Esther laughing and dancing]