Blame the Nokia

Leann 2022-09-17 22:35:25

My name is Sam. Is the town planning and noise director for Berkshire County Council. Before today I had a charming and sexy boss girlfriend, a group of friends who can't share the pain but can also have fun, a 9-to-5 job, and life was supposed to go on like this, until I picked up that Nokia .
I woke up from a hangover in the morning to find my car was unloaded with only one wheel left. As soon as I stepped onto the main road, an out-of-control car rushed over and overturned directly in front of me. After dealing with the police and sending the injured away, I haven't recovered from the shock of the car accident, but there was a small noise in the grass by the roadside. I followed the sound and saw that it was a Nokia. The car was destroyed, people were injured, and it survived intact and even continued to talk. When I was about to be impressed by its hard quality, a man's voice came over the phone, and he said that if I didn't go to him, I would kill my wife. I'm only twenty-nine years old, and I'm as beautiful as a flower. I occasionally have sex with my girlfriend, and at most I dance with my friends. Why should I encounter such unfortunate things, it's all because of this damn Nokia.
The dancing fat man in front of him is called Phil. He's from the Council... Forget it, it doesn't matter. If going to that party last night was the first mistake I ever made in my life, telling Fatty's phone a few minutes ago was the second. Under the instigation of the fat man, I actually started a foolish desperation. First, he was kidnapped by the owner of the mobile phone. This bastard had his money stolen, and he even asked me to rescue his wife with an empty box. The kidnapper is not a fool, he rejected my suggestion to go home and inspect the goods on the spot.
After narrowly escaping, he was chased and killed by an Asian man. I really didn't mean to drop my work pass at a crime scene. So the man knew my name and place of work without much effort, oh, and I seem to have given him my home address by the way. Originally, I thought I was dead this time, but I didn't expect this person to be very good at talking. As long as I release the brother who was bound by mistake, I will return that woman to me. At this moment, my heart is full of joy, and I think I will finally get rid of this mess. But I forgot there was another mysterious teammate. He even made Xiaoqing secretly release the hostage, and now the boss quit, thinking that I had deeply humiliated his IQ. God, can you lend me ten guts? Although your IQ is questionable, I really don't want to insult.
But in the end, I survived. Now I don't know if this is fortunate or unfortunate. For example, why did the hostage we rescued a second ago want to kill her husband now and call the police that the culprits were me and Phil? Big sister, you are so agile, why didn't you say it earlier!
However, I was quite lucky. Just a few steps away, I met a cool and domineering special agent. Although he looks cold and ruthless, and has almost morbid obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness, it does not affect my admiration for him like a surging river. I've had enough of the fat man who will always give bad ideas. This time, let me hug my thighs! !
But Mr. Agent died not long after that, and the dream of hugging his thighs was so shattered. Me and the fat man went into exile again. The difference is, this time we have money.
The fat man's brain capacity is obviously not enough to bear the fact that so much money. When I was terrified and depressed, he even booked a five-star hotel for a candlelight dinner, and even paid £400 for a full-body massage. Seeing his prodigal appearance, I suddenly felt that it was a good thing that the money was taken away.
After that, things took a turn for the worse. In order to get back the music box for the hostage, Fat Man and I were sneaked into the buyer's house as a special trader. I just want to be quiet and be a handsome man, but the Russians seem to be very happy with me. Didn't he sense the masculinity I exuded all over? In order to stick to the bottom line of not being a showman, I can only barely show off my excellent dancing. Spinning, jumping, I closed my eyes, what's with this feeling of flying? Twisting, tearing, I performed so hard that the whole world seemed to be cheering for me. Just when I was immersed in the music and couldn't extricate myself, the fat man appeared in time and stopped the danger of poison and chrysanthemum in my mouth.
In the beginning, we are just children; in the end, we become angels. We didn't become angels, russians did. Unexpectedly, he escaped the shooting of his own family, escaped the pursuit of the killer, and finally died at the hands of the police. This bastard, hope he can take my kiss to heaven.
I said the cruelest thing ever to a fat man. In fact, I didn't mean it, it's just that the kidnapped person was my ex-girlfriend, and it was a thrill, I didn't want him to risk it for me.
But a fat man is a fat man. At the most critical moment, holding a pile of blank paper saved my life. I think Ruzi can be taught, and in just one week, he inherited my wise and martial arts. In this way, we can continue to be friends.
What? Have you heard enough of the wonderful stories about me and the fat man? Well, let me tell you a little secret, this Christmas, we are back! !
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