There is a kind of humor called British humor

Zack 2022-09-17 19:08:13

Every time I watch a British drama, I deeply feel that being funny is not humor, at most it is a low-level version of humor. Having watched too many American fast food comedies, it is still refreshing to have a British joke from time to time.

Although there are only 6 short episodes, but every episode and every plot setting revolves around the word Wrong, wrongly took the phone, wrongly killed the wrong person, wrongly sold the music box, wrongly believed in the wrong one Those who believe, save those who dare not be saved by mistake, and the use of Mans instead of Men reinforces these constant mistakes and scenes, and is also a tribute to Hitchcock's 1956 film The Wrong Man , like Zan Zan.

Funny can be lip-smacking, but humor requires wisdom and skill, through the collision of different characters, carefully arranged structures, unexpected but unexpected plots, sarcasm of life/current events rather than targeting one character / Personality ridicule, especially screenwriters who know how to laugh at themselves, are good screenwriters, and are British screenwriters. #Short review from WeChat public account "DRAMAMATTERS"#

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